Pregnant with Draco's Baby

Yes, I know how it sounds, being a witch in training at Hogwarts, Dating the Most popular Jerk (but he's really sweet, kind and caring once you get to know him) in the school, AND being Pregnant. it also happens that Draco has a lot of dark magic going on... what happens if he doesn't want the baby? what happens if he isn't ready to be a dad? what if he doesn't even WANT to be the dad? what if he doesn't want anything to do with it? will he be ready, to take the challenge? it also happens that Jane has to HIDE the baby for a while, yeah kind of noticeable.
**COVER MADE BY: Corkyporkey**
****(Under editing and light construction) as of 3/29/2016


32. Miranda and Draco's Disappearance

Jane's POV

I awoke the next morning to cries... Weird you would think Draco would of got the babies, and why do they sound so close? I slowly sit up and see they somehow overnight made it into my room with the double stroller in park... I walk over to them and see a note... I read the note and it says:
"Be back soon went with Crabbe to get baby things -Draco" 

I set the note aside Miranda must of brought them up here for him... I give them bottles today is a weekend so we have no school. I take the babies back down stairs and with me to the great hall. I don't even care if im in my PJs I need food, I cant leave the babies alone so I just take them with me to breakfast. I sit with my other friend At the Ravenclaw table (They really don't mind, they are actually quite nice, too me anyway) Her name is Mary.

Mary has hazel hair and deep green eyes, Mary is in Ravenclaw my year too.

"Hi Mary" I said cheerfully sitting down with the twins

"Hi Jane, and hi babies" She said in a sing song voice to the twins

"Where is Draco? And Miranda? I have not seen them this morning" She continued as I took a piece of toast

"Not sure about Miranda but Draco said he was with Crabbe buying baby things, or something like that" I replied taking a bite of my toast, I took a large sip of juice and Mary cleared her throat

"Oh, but Crabbe is at the Slytherin table right now with Goyle.." Mary trailed

I looked over and did a spit take all over a Ravenclaw first year

"Im sorry" I mumbled to the little girl and she stormed off somewhere

"Nice you hit Amy right in the face" Laughed Mary

But the reason I spit took was because I seen Crabbed and Goyle at the table... and NOT with Draco.......

I got up and walked over to Crabbe

"Where is Draco? He said he was getting baby things with you" I asked

"No he said he was going to talk with Goyle" Crabbed said confused

"He told me he was going to be with you Jane..." Goyle trailed

Weird... I walked back to Ravenclaw table and sat next to Mary who was holding baby Paige.

"Do they know where he is?" She asked

"No all different answers from all three of us" I said

She took a minute then said:
"Lets go investigate!"

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