Pregnant with Draco's Baby

Yes, I know how it sounds, being a witch in training at Hogwarts, Dating the Most popular Jerk (but he's really sweet, kind and caring once you get to know him) in the school, AND being Pregnant. it also happens that Draco has a lot of dark magic going on... what happens if he doesn't want the baby? what happens if he isn't ready to be a dad? what if he doesn't even WANT to be the dad? what if he doesn't want anything to do with it? will he be ready, to take the challenge? it also happens that Jane has to HIDE the baby for a while, yeah kind of noticeable.
**COVER MADE BY: Corkyporkey**
****(Under editing and light construction) as of 3/29/2016


1. does that mean that it's a yes?

Jane's POV

Fumbling with the Pregnancy test wrapper I throw it out after reading the directions, then I do as I am supposed to do, and wait 15 minutes.

Its nerve wracking, to think that I might have another human being growing and living inside me.

I don't know if it will tell me whether or not there is or isn't, and if there is, how am I going to tell Draco? if it isn't, then I guess that's fine as well.

15 Minutes later:

I go into the bathroom and check the package of the pregnancy test, it says on the package that a - is a no and a + is a yes

I look at the stick and I see a + worry and relief and happiness floods through me all at once. Is it okay? How will I tell Draco? Is it a girl or a boy? Will it have magic in it's blood?

Stunned, I went and told my best friend Miranda, she was shocked to hear about this. 

"When did you find this out?" Miranda asked

 "Like just 18 minutes ago" I replied 

"When are you going to go get him or her checked out? and when will you tell Draco?" She said worriedly.

"I don't know" I replied.

Draco came into the common room, and I swear my heart stopped. 

"Hey Jane, hey Miranda. What's wrong Jane?" He asked.


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