Pregnant with Draco's Baby

Yes, I know how it sounds, being a witch in training at Hogwarts, Dating the Most popular Jerk (but he's really sweet, kind and caring once you get to know him) in the school, AND being Pregnant. it also happens that Draco has a lot of dark magic going on... what happens if he doesn't want the baby? what happens if he isn't ready to be a dad? what if he doesn't even WANT to be the dad? what if he doesn't want anything to do with it? will he be ready, to take the challenge? it also happens that Jane has to HIDE the baby for a while, yeah kind of noticeable.
**COVER MADE BY: Corkyporkey**
****(Under editing and light construction) as of 3/29/2016


5. Disappearance


Jane's POV

I jumped out of bed, and dressed. I combed my hair, and then pulled it into a high pony tale. I then brushed my teeth. I sighed as I walked down the girl's staircase, I know today is a big day. I looked at the fire place lit and warm. I went and sat down looking at my stomach. I know today is going to change everything. just then Miranda came down the stairs, she seen me and sat next to me, and asked..

Miranda: so, how did he take it?

Jane: he's really excited... today we tell everyone.

Miranda: nice, its going to be weird, having a baby belly, *Miranda pokes Jane's Stomach.*

Jane: yeah, I have already started cravings, I cant eat chicken anymore... I cant eat cupcakes either, I just crave chocolate and ham.

Miranda: weird... so when are you going to talk to Madam Pomfrey? because I don't think it would be a good Idea to fly around on a broom if your pregnant.

Jane: I already did yesterday, Draco and I went together after I told him.

Miranda: oh, ok. do you know the gender yet? and got any names?

Jane: no we don't know the gender yet, in a few weeks we will. and Draco and I both like the names for a boy Medley and for a girl Melody.

Miranda: awwww.

Jane: yeah I know.

*At the main hall, eating breakfast.*

Draco: ok Jane you ready to tell them?

Jane: yeah, I am are you?

Draco: yep *Draco stands up and says*

Draco: attention everyone! we have to make an announcement! Jane and I, Jane is Pregnant!

then the whole hall goes silent, all tables, even the teachers.

Jane: yep I am *I smile*

Dumbledoor: a baby? at Hogwarts... well this is a first. this baby will be one of the smartest wizards or witch of our kind! *he smiled*

And the whole hall applauses, and Jane and Draco sit back down.

Draco: hey Jane, I have got to go somewhere, I will be back in about an hour I promise...

*Draco leaves*



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