Pregnant with Draco's Baby

Yes, I know how it sounds, being a witch in training at Hogwarts, Dating the Most popular Jerk (but he's really sweet, kind and caring once you get to know him) in the school, AND being Pregnant. it also happens that Draco has a lot of dark magic going on... what happens if he doesn't want the baby? what happens if he isn't ready to be a dad? what if he doesn't even WANT to be the dad? what if he doesn't want anything to do with it? will he be ready, to take the challenge? it also happens that Jane has to HIDE the baby for a while, yeah kind of noticeable.
**COVER MADE BY: Corkyporkey**
****(Under editing and light construction) as of 3/29/2016


11. Complications


Jane's POV

wow that flew bye fast, i have another Appoinment today, baby Medley is coming along great... i love this feeling, well all except for puking in the morning. I quietly get up and dress, its Saturday. I smile to myself im starting to show! *draco enters.*

Draco: hey babe, want to go to the appointment?

Jane: yeah, lets go. *Draco smiles and touches Jane's tummy and says "Hello."*

*In hospital wing.*

Madam Pomfrey: Jane, ok lets see here sit up on the cot, and we will do an ultrasound.

*A few minutes later*

Madam Pomfrey: what the?

Draco: *Worried tone* what is it? is everything ok?

Madam Pomfrey: its impossiable... but it is possiable!

Jane: what is it? is he ok?

Madam Pomfrey: he is fine! but I hear another heard beat.....

Jane: you mean?

Draco: really? do you mean it?

Madam Pomfrey: yep Twins!

Jane: wow! I never seen that one coming! is it ok?

Madam Pomfrey: yes its ok, healthy too! just why didn't I hear it or see it before... I wonder? Jane do you sleep on your side?

Jane: yeah why?

Madam Pomfrey: I get it now! it would of been turned and yeah I get it now.

Jane: do you know the gender?

Madam Pomfrey: ahh yes its a baby Girl!

Draco: oh wow! a boy and a girl! Medley, and Melody!

Jane: Draco I kind of like Paige...

Draco: Paige I love it! Medley and Paige!

I smile and we finish up the ultrasound, I cant wait to tell Miranda!

~catz2345 (sorry for taking so long for updates, been really busy with the holidays!, ps happy holidays everyone! do you guys like baby Paige?)

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