Secrets of the factionless

You have heard the love, horror, ambitious stories from inside the factions. but have you ever thought about the life of the factionless.


1. The Choosing Ceremony

I was 16 when it all changed. The year I went from living in the bland houses of Abnegation to the dirty hole in which I now live. The Choosing Ceremony. The moment I chose Erudite and failed initiation. The moment I became factionless.

My name is Jane White, Abnegation born and raised, moved to Erudite and now factionless. I don’t have much that I can say about myself, shoulder length dirty blond hair, olive skin and freckles covering my face. Not beautiful but not ugly, more like unnoticed. Many people believe that to be factionless is to be unlucky, but to me it is a place you can be free. No one tells you what to do, you can fall in love with the ones that you want to, you can create a little place in your mind, it’s the perfect place to smile. My factionless life was great until the day I saw him.

It was like any other day, me being lost in my thoughts as I mindlessly danced down the side of the train tracks, looking for anything to feed me. I could faintly hear the noise of the train coming, which is normally what broke me out of my dance and made me hide, but I was being careless and continued. It wasn’t until the train was beside me that I realised but I was too late. I ran.

I ran until I was nearly out of breathe. I turned around and saw him. Until then I had been scared, terrified for my life, but the way that he casually peered out of the train somehow relaxed me.

Tobias Eaton didn’t see me but his image was engraved in my memory.

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