This Book is about a girl name Abby and her life starts to change when she mets here old friend...


3. The Truth Comes Out

It's the next day I woke and looked out side and saw snow on the grown.

-Abby loves winter and she loves the snow

I got up and called Louis, but he didn't answer...So I said

" I just wanted to tell you it was snowing... and you probably knew that and I wanted to tell you I..." Then I got cut off. So I put the phone down and sighed. It was around 10 o'clock when I started to get dressed. I'm really that excited because last time we saw each other I felt something but, I couldn't explain it. It's like I fell in love, or we fell in love! Then I found myself a Starbucks standing at the door. I opened the door and I saw and he saw me we both smiled. I walked to him and he stood up, he walked to me! We finely met and we kissed... I looked at him and he was bitting his lip..... We sat down at the same time. I guess we we're trying to found the right words, I guess we both we're shock! I was! "Umm..." I said moving my hair away from my face. "Ummm... There's some thing I've been wanting to tell you...." He looked like he was trying to find the right words. Then he said " Do you want to go out?" I smiled and said "Yes"

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