This Book is about a girl name Abby and her life starts to change when she mets here old friend...


2. The Big Date!

It's the next day, snow is on the grown. I love the winter!

And I still had 2 hour to get to Starbucks. Stand at my closet I found blackmskinning and a white sweater. And of my fav black boots.

I got the clothes on and looked at the time. It was 11:50

"Oh..crap" I whispered!

I ran out the house without my jacket.

When I finely got there is was 12 o'clock.

I got there on time, I ran in and he was not there.

I walked in and ordered my coffee and sat down.

Surly after two minutes past he walked in and said

" I'm.. I'm.. so ..sorry.." He said crying

" What, what's wrong"?" I asked

" My... My mom she is in the hospital"

"Oh my god.. I so sorry.. should...should go to the hospital?"

"But...But our date" Louis said

"Your mom... is more important, if my mom was in the hospital I would be here but you came"

"Thanks that means a lot"

We got, we walked outside and went in his car.

Then when finely got to the hospital.

" Maybe we can try that date again?" He said.

" 2 o'clock"I said


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