Over Again

Break-ups are the worst. Learning to live with your dad, his fiance and her son in a crowded house is hard. Meeting old and new friends is difficult.

Lily and Austin have had many arguments but the last one drove Lily to the edge and she couldn't take no more. She moved back in with her daddy and got to know her step brother and met some of his friends a few times. One of the boys had a special connection with Lily and they got on with each other like two pea's in a pod.

Austin tried to get Lily back but what was there was once gone but he won't take 'no' for an answer.


7. What Just Happened?

"Hey" They all said in a cheery voice.


"Hello again boys" I replied.


"How was your friend?" Thomas asked.


"She was very hyper," i told them.


"Why?" Louis said.


"Because we were watching Pretty Little Liars and i sorta gave her skittles and she went loopy," I replied.


"What else did you do?" Justin asked.


"Had a popcorn fight and i won!" I squealed.


"No need to break my ear drums," Harry mumbled. I looked at him with a frown and the other boys gave him a look before turning back to me with an apologetic smile.


"Harry! Cut out the attitude!" Liam started telling him off.


"Why should i? I mean since when do we need a girl in our group? Why are we even in her room?" He argued back.


"For goodness sake Harry! We're here because shes my sister and she lives here now! Why are you being such a pain in the ass?!" Justin shouted at him. I just hope Kaitlyn and daddy weren't home.


At this point, i got a text on my phone. I checked to see what all the boys were doing and they were all looking at Harry with their backs to me so i decided to read the text.


Im sorry for everything that happened. I shouldn't have shouted at you or accused you of anything. I guess it was just cause i just got laid of my job and i took it out on you. Just so you know, i talked to Hunter and he told me that it was him so was flirting with you and not the other way around so im sorry. Truly sorry - Love Austin


"Have you gone completely stupid Justin? She isn't your sister! In fact you aren't even related, your mum and her dad aren't even married!" I heard Harry shout.


"How dare you!" Justin looks like he could lash out at any moment now.


"That's enough!" I finially shout at them. They all turn round to look at me with a look on their faces as if to say they forgot i was here.


"Are you okay?" Justin asked with a frown on his face.


"Yeah? Why wouldn't i be?" I asked quietly.


"Because your crying?" Oliver stated.


"I am?" I asked. I lifted my left hand up to my face and felt tears on my cheeks and laughed lightly. "I guess i am crying."


"Whats wrong?" Thomas asked.

"Why do you all care if she's crying? Just look at her. She must be a baby if she's crying and she isn't one of us so none of you should be bothered about her," Harry said and looked directly at me while saying it all.


"Look, i get it that you don't like me and i'm 'not one of your group' but this is the house i grew up in and where i live again so if you don't like it, you know where the door is," I told him with a lot of attitude i didn't even know i had.


All the boys looked at me with their mouths open, including Harry who glared at me. Suddenly, Niall and Zayn burst out laughing.


"What's so funny?" Liam asked.


"Are you really asking that?" Niall asked. "Lily basically just told Harry to get lost and you don't find it funny?" Both boys started laughing again. Liam, Oliver, Louis and Justin joined the boys in laughing while Harry just glared at them all.


"I get it now. It's cause nobody's ever spoke to Harry like that, isn't is?" Liam asked.


"Yeah!" Thomas gasped due to all the laughing.


"I think that Lily is my new best friend," Louis came up to me and pulled me into a hug and we both laughed as i hugged him back.


"I think im going to puke," Harry said.


"Front doors downstairs if your lost?" I pointed out and the boys laughed even more.


I watched as Harry stood up and walked over to my bedroom door. Once he reached my door, he turned back around and looked at me with something in his eyes that i couldn't read and then to the ground.


"I'm sorry," He mumbled still looking at the ground. Harry then turned back around to the door and proceed to walk to the front door. Once he was out of the room, i turned to the boys confused. They all had the same facial expression as me.


"What was that?" I asked them.


"Harry just apologized," Thomas whispered to himself.


"I must be dreaming," Zayn told himself and slapped his face.


"You lot are hopeless!" I told them and walked over to my door to go look for Harry.


"Where are you going?" Justin asked.


"To find Harry and ask what the hell just happened since none of you care to tell me," And with that, i walked out of my bedroom and to the front door to look for Harry.

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