Over Again

Break-ups are the worst. Learning to live with your dad, his fiance and her son in a crowded house is hard. Meeting old and new friends is difficult.

Lily and Austin have had many arguments but the last one drove Lily to the edge and she couldn't take no more. She moved back in with her daddy and got to know her step brother and met some of his friends a few times. One of the boys had a special connection with Lily and they got on with each other like two pea's in a pod.

Austin tried to get Lily back but what was there was once gone but he won't take 'no' for an answer.


5. Not Speaking

The rest of the morning i spend with Justin and his friends at the old, run-down warehouse. I found out that they all come here to chill out and have a catch-up sometimes. I also found out that Harry doesn't speak much.

After about two hours i decided it was time to go and see granny now.

"I guess i should be going now," I told them all and standing up.


"Where are you going?" Thomas asked me.


"I need to go see my nana. I haven't seen her in a while and i promised her the next time i came here i would see her," I smiled at them.


"Do you have to go?" Louis pouted his bottom lip at me.


"Im afraid so," i pouted back at him and he laughed. I picked my jacket up of the back of one of the chairs and put it on, "But it was so lovely to have met you all," My smile reappeared again.


"It was lovely to meet you too," Oliver said.


"I hope to see you all again soon hopefully?" I asked.


"There coming over later cause were all going out tonight but don't know where yet," Justin told me.


"Auw that's nice," I smiled at them all.


"Hey, why don't you come with us?" Niall offered.


"Yeah! Why didn't i think of that? You should totally come with us tonight!" Liam exclaimed.


"Get things off your mind," Justin nudged my side and smiled weakly at me.


"Ill have to think about it," I told them with a small smile then turned to Justin who was looking at me, "Im meeting Leah at 5 remember?" I asked him.


"Oh yeah, she could come too if she wanted?" He asked.


"I don't think she would be able to come?" I told him.


"How so?" Thomas asked.


"Every Thursday she goes to the cinema with her family then gets a carry out," I told them.


"I could invite my sister if you want? The boys could invite their sisters too if they aren't doing anything so you wouldn't be on your own if you want?" Zayn offered. (For the sake of this book; Waliyha, Lottie, Nicola and Ruth are all 18)


"Yeah that would be nice," I told them.


"Well thats that sorted out, now you can go," Harry spoke up for the first time since the start of this conversation.


"Harry!" Oliver scowled at the boy.


"No its fine. He can speak to me how ever he wants," I told them.


"No he shouldn't. Apologize to her Harry," Louis told him.


"Why should i? Who does she think she is just coming here and acting like shes our best friend all of a sudden," He gave me a glare and looked back at Louis.


"I should go now anyway so its fine," I told them and walked away, heading to the still dark hallway.


"Wait," I heard a voice shout from behind me. I turned around to see that Louis was the one who shouted on me.


"Hey," He said panting once he reached me, "Im sorry about Harry. He isn't normally like this," He gave me a sympathy smile.


"Really its alright," I reassured him.


"Well okay then. I should let you get going now," He pulled me into a hug and held me tightly.


"Thanks for being so nice to me Louis," I told him.


"Your welcome," We said our goodbyes and i started walking down the dark hall again.


"Bye Lily," I heard them all shout from the end of the hall.


"Bye guys," I shouted back.


The rest of the morning and afternoon i spent with granny. We went around the town and we saw a few of her friends so we stopped and spoke so that took a while then we done her shopping too.


At about half 4, i left her house and went over to Leah's where we had a HUGE catch up and watched episodes of Pretty Little Liars but that ended up with us throwing popcorn at each other.


I went back to daddy's house at about half eight and happy about the fact that i got to see my best friends after a few months. When i got to my bedroom, all the boys were sat on my bed with the biggest smiles on their faces while Harry sat in the chair at the window looking at me with an angry stare which i just ignored and smiled at the rest of the boys.

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