Over Again

Break-ups are the worst. Learning to live with your dad, his fiance and her son in a crowded house is hard. Meeting old and new friends is difficult.

Lily and Austin have had many arguments but the last one drove Lily to the edge and she couldn't take no more. She moved back in with her daddy and got to know her step brother and met some of his friends a few times. One of the boys had a special connection with Lily and they got on with each other like two pea's in a pod.

Austin tried to get Lily back but what was there was once gone but he won't take 'no' for an answer.


2. Meeting The Brother

*Knock* *Knock*


I heard feet coming to the front door and it opened.

"Darling," Daddy greeted me with a giant teddy bear hug.


"Daddy," I replied and returned the hug.


"Well come in," He motioned me into the house and he followed behind.


"Where's Kaitlyn?" I asked.


"She's upstairs in the bedroom," He told me.


"Okay, im just going to say hi and then i want to make tea for us all," I told him walking towards the stairs on my left.


"Okay hun, ill go put the bags in the kitchen for you," And with that he took them and put them away for me.


"Kaitlyn?" I called out while opening daddy and her bedroom door.


"It that you Lily?" She asked from inside the walk in closet.


"Yeah," I replied to her.


"Oh it's been too long," She told me coming out of the wardrobe.


"It sure has," I said as we hugged each other.


"You've grown so much since the last time we saw you!" She exclaimed.


"I know," I smiled.


"How have you been?" She asked.


"Ive been better," I said with a shrug.


"Oh darling," She said with sadness in her voice.


"Oh well, i better go down stairs. I offered to make dinner for everyone tonight," I told her.


"Well thank you, ill just go and tell Justin that you are here," She had a smile on her face. I was guessing that Justin was her son?


"Yeah that would be a good idea, ill shout on you guys once dinner is ready."


"Okay," And she went into another room and i went downstairs to the kitchen to make the tea.


I was in the middle of making the dinner when daddy came into the kitchen.

"Kaitlyn and i are just going to drop a few things of at grans, Justin will be here if you need anything, it that okay?" He told me.


"Yeah that's fine. How long will you be roughly?" I asked him.


"About 20 minutes?"


"That's fine and tell granny i said ill go over and see her tomorrow afternoon for a while,"


"No problem," He kissed me on the cheek and they left the house. I put the radio on and started to sing along while making the food.


About 25 minutes later the kitchen opened and closed.

"It that you daddy?" I called out.


"Nope," A voice called from behind me. I turned around to be met with a boy about my age standing at the door.


"Im guessing your Justin?" I asked him.


"And your Lily, am i right?" He asked. I nodded my head, turned back around and finished making the food.


"Were are our parents?" He asked while moving over to where i was standing.


"They went over to my grans to drop a few things off but they should be back by now," I told him.


"Oh okay," He simply said.


"Could you pass me those spices over there?" I asked and pointed to the box of spices beside him.


"Thanks," I said once he handed me them.


"Im not meaning to be rude here or anything but why are you here again?" He asked.


"My boyfriend and i had an argument and i couldn't take it anymore so i asked daddy if i could stay here for a while until i find a place of my own," I told him.


"Auw okay," He smiled weakly.


I continued making the dinner when i thought of something.

"If you don't mind me asking, why do you live here when your the same age as me? Don't you want your own space?" I asked him.


"Yeah my own place would be nice but i guess im too much of a mama's boy," He told me.


"That's like me i guess but im a daddy's girl," We both laughed. We talked about anything and everything until daddy and Kaitlyn got back and laughed a lot too.

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