Over Again

Break-ups are the worst. Learning to live with your dad, his fiance and her son in a crowded house is hard. Meeting old and new friends is difficult.

Lily and Austin have had many arguments but the last one drove Lily to the edge and she couldn't take no more. She moved back in with her daddy and got to know her step brother and met some of his friends a few times. One of the boys had a special connection with Lily and they got on with each other like two pea's in a pod.

Austin tried to get Lily back but what was there was once gone but he won't take 'no' for an answer.


1. Home Sweet Home

"Where are you going?" He questioned.


"Where does it look like im going?" I asked turning my back to him. "Im leaving!" I shouted while grabbing my coat and bag.


"Running off back to daddy are we?" He asked.


"What is wrong with you? One minute you want me here and the next minute your acting like a complete jerk?" I said rolling my eyes.


"What do you expect me to do? You were flirting with my best mate!" He growled the last bit.


"Says the one who was hitting on the waitress when we went out for dinner! Your a low life Austin!" I shouted back.


"Fine, do what you want. Go back to being a daddy's girl and using daddy's money but i guarantee you will come back to me." He said laughing.


"I highly doubt that. Im sick of you telling me what to do and just for the record i wasn't flirting with Hunter, he was flirting with me," And with that i walked out of the door-making sure to slam it shut-and walked to the closest bus station to take me to my only real home.




I finially got to the bus station after a ten minute walk and went to buy a ticket.

"Hello ma'am, how may i help you?" The lady asked me once it was my turn.


"Hello, can i have one ticket to East Trails please?" I asked politely.


"Of course. The next one is in ten minutes, is that okay?" She asked.


"That's fine. How much is it?" I finially asked getting my purse out of my bag.


"Its £10.58 please," She replied reading of off the total screen.


"Here you go," I said handing her the money.


"Thank you. Here is your boarding ticket," She handed me my ticket and went on, "If you would like to take a seat over there, the bus should be here shortly," She motioned to the set of chairs to her left. I nodded and thanked her once again and sat down in one of the chairs.



While i waited, i decided to phone my dad to tell him i was coming home for a while. He picked up on the third ring.

"Hello?" It felt good to hear his voice.


"Hi daddy!" I said back.


"Oh hello dear, i haven't heard from you in a while. How are things with Austin?" He asked.


"Im sorry i haven't phoned in so long. I've been so busy with work and everything i just didn't have much time." I told him.


"Oh it's alright darling. How are you and Austin?" Oh everything is fantastic, never been better. I wanted to tell him that but he would see right through my lies.


"Not so good daddy. We had another row and i walked out on him." I told him.


"You poor thing. What are you going to do?" He asked me.


"Well i was wondering if i would be able to stay with you for a while until i found somewhere else?" I reasoned.


"The only thing is that Kaitlyn and her son moved into the house a few weeks ago so its a big crowded here." He told me.


"Oh please daddy. You wont even know im there, promise," I begged.


"Oh aright then, when are you coming over?" He asked.


"Im waiting of the bus now so i should be there in about twenty minute but im going to go to the supermarket because i want to make dinner for us all?" I told him.


"So that gives me enough time to get your room sorted and tell Kaitlyn that your coming. She can't wait to see you again." I could just imagine him smiling right now.


"And i can finially meet this son of hers too," I was now exited to go home.


"Yes you can darling."


"Okay, well i should go because the bus is here," I told him.


"Alright love, see you soon. Love you." He told me.


"Love you too daddy! Bye," I called to him while standing up to get the bus.


"Bye love," He called back and i ended the call and got on the bus.




Walking down the isle in the supermarket reminded me of my life a year ago before i moved in with Austin. I used to walk around the supermarket every Saturday to get the shopping for daddy and I.


"Lily?" A voice called fro behind me. I slowly turned around to the voice and was met with a fairly familiar face.


"Leah?" I asked. The girl nodded and ran over to me and pulled me into a hug.


"I've missed you so much!" She told me.


"I've misses you too! How have you been?" I asked once we pulled away from the hug.


"I've been good, how about you?" She asked.


"Never been better," I said while rolling my eyes.


"What happened?"


"Austin and I had another argument and i think its over for good between us this time."


"Oh no, that's not good," She pulled me into another hug and i laughed.


"It was bound to happen at any time. We just aren't made to be together i guess," I told her.


"How do you work that one out?" Leah asked.


"Because we're always fighting and we don't have anything in common anymore," I replied.


"Well that's a shame," She had a frown on her face.


"Yeah well, i knew we weren't going to last," I looked down to my bags i was carrying and guessed it would be enough for our tea.


"Well i guess i should get going. I'm staying with my dad and Kaitlyn for a while and i offered to make dinner tonight for all of us."


"That's lovely of you Lily," She told me. We hugged goodbye, gave her my number and said she could call me anytime and went out separate ways.

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