Fast Love

Amanda is a nerd but a really pretty one so the other popular girls always annoy her and make fun if her but only because they are jealous . Along the way Amanda and Brandon both unite which Amanda has always been in love with him but scared he didn't . When she finds out she has a secret admirer Brandon always happens to be there and thinking does Brandon like her back . For that she has to wait till valentines day . Then she experiences joy and happiness !!


1. Intro

As I started school this year many bullies or the popular girls made fun of me now it was February and I was not going to let these bullies bully me anymore I just won't !

But let me start with the beginning shall I?

My name is Amanda Ray . I have Brown eyes for no one has black eyes (black eyes don't exist)And red cherry Lips and to tell you my lips have been a natural shade of red I have nerdy black glasses and to tell you I myself am a nerd (not afraid to say it) I have black hair with natural highlights of brown. I have fair skin also . I go to Freedom High school and I am in the 11th grade and yes in the junior year . I also have a crush and his name is Brandon Riggs . Just imagine Amanda Brandon Riggs !!!! I would melt !

About Brandon :

He has brown eyes like mine but when you look at his eyes you will feel so hypnotized by his love , his eyes are beautiful! He has a six pack that makes him look bursting in flames with hotness. He has brown hair so soft and smooth. He also has fair skin . He has the most wonderful singing voice And he dances really well. He has the cutest dimples anyone has ever seen and when he smiles.......oof !When he is being shy he is sooooo cute I would just want to swing my arms around him.

I should tell you that our school , it is broken up into sections like Populars, Geeks,Nerds, Goth , Clowns , President , Writers , Middle-Class , High-Tech , And Wanna be !

I am in the nerds and Brandon is in the Populars but he doesn't try acting cool or bragging its just the way he acts that everyone knows him and loves him. He is the most nicest person and he also is really smart ( he has a little nerd in him too ) He is really GOOD at sports and drama . And he has a great sense of humor !

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