Fast Love

Amanda is a nerd but a really pretty one so the other popular girls always annoy her and make fun if her but only because they are jealous . Along the way Amanda and Brandon both unite which Amanda has always been in love with him but scared he didn't . When she finds out she has a secret admirer Brandon always happens to be there and thinking does Brandon like her back . For that she has to wait till valentines day . Then she experiences joy and happiness !!


9. I'm sorry 😞

   I was a bit slow this morning but nothing a nice shower can't heal. I wasn't completely sad because what feelings Brandon had brought that day .....I wanted to keep going .

I  looked over at my mom  in silence and said "I'm sorry...."

"Thats ok....dear just don't do that again!"She said sternly

OK! I ran over to my backpack and rushed toward the bus stop , today I was early but these other 9th and 10th graders were way early and were already standing there. I finally stopped and  looking at them when the big yellow bus came . I grabbed on first and walked toward Brandon's seat . He looked at me said "I'm really sorry Amanda ....your mom got mad at you ....and..."

"Its ok..." I interrupted gently kissing him on the lips . He just stared at me but smiling.

"You mean ......" He stopped.  ""I whispered leaning closer than leaned back and winked at him. While he ....well he smiled in astonishment . 

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