Fast Love

Amanda is a nerd but a really pretty one so the other popular girls always annoy her and make fun if her but only because they are jealous . Along the way Amanda and Brandon both unite which Amanda has always been in love with him but scared he didn't . When she finds out she has a secret admirer Brandon always happens to be there and thinking does Brandon like her back . For that she has to wait till valentines day . Then she experiences joy and happiness !!


2. Getting bullied !!!!

I woke up that Monday with a grudge it was January 6th and all of my happy happy New year spirit was gone I was particularly tired because last night I had watched a three hour movie of Cleopatra . I hadn't gone to sleep until 2:00 this morning because I wanted to write how she got or found her love which took me an hour or so then I decided to eat which took me an hour because I had to cook the food and then eat . Then before going to sleep , I decided to read four chapters of the book Dragon Slippers .

I went over and brushed my teeth and took a nice long Hot shower it felt so refreshing . I loved it . When I came out and took my white shirt with an owl and Blue flair jeans and golden slippers with a beautiful design. I bolted downstairs cause thats how energized I was and sat straight in my seat and ate my wonderful and sweet pancakes with maple syrup . Yummy . Then I grabbed my backpack and burst through the door calling out to my mom "See ya Mom!" "Bye Honey!" She shouted over to me . The bus came in just a manner of time and I springer aboard with the other kids who were clearly younger than I was .

"Hello young lady nice to see you again after the break , you were always my favorite student on this bus ," Mrs. Bailey said as she got up and gave me a squeeze .

I walked down the aisle when I spotted only one seat which was very close to Brandon's . I sat down and the girl who sat next to me gave me a look and shouted "Nerd alert ! Excuse you missy get outta my seat !" Now I was embarrassed because Brandon was right there .

"Umm..sorry but there isn't any other seats ," I whispered .

" You Nerds think you own these things the school owns well guess what there is a seat right there next to the gothic boy over there ," I didn't want to sit next to HIM nobody did , he was really dangerous but ugly and snotty he would rape a girl anytime and he had done that twice already and gone to jail but came back after . I was not going to sit next to him !

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