Fast Love

Amanda is a nerd but a really pretty one so the other popular girls always annoy her and make fun if her but only because they are jealous . Along the way Amanda and Brandon both unite which Amanda has always been in love with him but scared he didn't . When she finds out she has a secret admirer Brandon always happens to be there and thinking does Brandon like her back . For that she has to wait till valentines day . Then she experiences joy and happiness !!


5. Beautiful Texts last night

Brandon texted me that night after I had ate and changed and already in bed .

B: Hey

A: Hi Brandon !

B: What's up , boo?

A: Bout to go to sleep

B: Oh,'zzz

A: But that's ok I want to talk to you

B: kk

A: so do you know who my secret admirer is?

B: I wish but no

A: well ...I was hoping for a better answer

B: Really ?

A: it's hard to imagine who would like ME?

B: No it's not you are beautiful anyone would love you ! You are perfect and flawless!

A: Really? Wow thanks (starts blushing)

B: Your welcome


B: Now listen ...don't fall in love with just ANY guy fall in love with someone you are worth to be not like that stupid Christopher who broke your heart!

A: How did you know ? About Him?

B: I am a stalker ....LOL but I'm serious anyone would want to stalk you !

A:awwww....that's kinda sweet in a way

B: ya well just remember you are beautiful and that's all that matters you don't need to care what other people think of you ok . And never ever think about dumb old Chris again ! He had no right to be cheating on you like that !

A: ok ok I get it and I forgot about him long before

B: good Love you

A: What?

B: you know as a friend ?

A: yeah yeah Love ya too !

B: kk goodnight and don't let the bedbugs bite but I think they will since your blood is so sweet!

A: haha very funny good night

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