Running Wild

This is a story about A pack of wolves who each have a special ability but when the bad wolves find out what will happen to the others. A young wolf called Lana has to stand alone and face the evil wolves in this thrilling tale.


3. More characters

Good Pack:

Name: Luanna Snow (Called ghost)

Age: 16

Fur colour: White, a bit silver

Eye colour: Deep blue as the ocean

Marking: Black crescent on her side

Ability: Mind reading/hearing voices including the dead

Type: wolf

Relation to Lana: friend

Pack: good

Back story: was the only white cub, was bullied and ran away at age 7. Lived in the wood till she meets Jessica and Lana.

Story for the future: Fight as a hero defending the outcasts.



Name: Shadow of the day (called Shadow)

Age: 8 but acts 16 (seen too much death to still be a cub)

Fur: white

Eyes: crystal blue

Markings: a skull appears on his chest when he is angry

Ability: can go in with the shadows and has learned to control the voice of death.

Type: wolf

Relation to Lana: his sister (Luanna snow) is Lana's friend.

Pack: good

Back story: when he was born his mother died. Every month, as he grew older another wolf died. Death is his constant companion. that is also why he is true to his lone wolf. One day everyone in the pack got run over by a pack of panicking mooses. Everyone except shadow died. then Luanna found him roaming the forest.   



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