Running Wild

This is a story about A pack of wolves who each have a special ability but when the bad wolves find out what will happen to the others. A young wolf called Lana has to stand alone and face the evil wolves in this thrilling tale.


1. Info

Hey guys I really would appreciate it if you would like to join in my book and I will put your character in I'm excepting everyone at the moment but if it gets too full I will let you know.

To make a character just message me in the comments and tell me:

Name: First and last if possible if not I'll make up a surname.

Age: This means are you a cub, teenager, young adult, adult. 

Fur colour: You can be any colour you want to be 

Eye colour: You can even have pink or purple if you want.

Markings: You can have heart shapes if that's what you want.

Ability: force field, mind reading stuff like that

Type: any animal will work but I need wolves.

Relation to Lana: you can be a friend or a relative.

Pack: good or bad.

Link to photo of your character.

Back story: how did you get here.

Story for future: Please tell me vaguely what you want to happen to your character.


Please join in for


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