Running Wild

This is a story about A pack of wolves who each have a special ability but when the bad wolves find out what will happen to the others. A young wolf called Lana has to stand alone and face the evil wolves in this thrilling tale.


6. Chapter 1

Lana's point of view:

I was in the woods minding my own business when suddenly out of nowhere a black wolf tumbled out of the tree line and landed on top of me.

"Hey what do you think your doing get off of me," I yelled pushing her with my mind and a simple flick of my paw.

"Cool you have a power as well," the black wolf said pulling herself to her feet, "Is that all you can do?" I pulled a face at the new very cocky wolf.

"What do you mean as well," I snapped at her, "If you must know I can control everything but animals with my mind however I can force them to say things they don't want to and the weather fits my mood."

"That is amazing!" the black wolf said looking genuinely ecstatic, "Also I said as well because I have a power, I can control things with my mind."

"That's funny powers only travel through families so how do we have similar powers," I said frowning, "What did you say your name was?"

"I didn't but if you want to know it's Jessica Rattey," Jessica said smiling, "How about you?"

"Lana Evans so we aren't relates that's funny," I said shaking the dust off my grey and black fur.

"Not always do you have a dad?" Jessica asked quizzically frowning at me.

"No just a mum," I said sarcastically, "Why did you not have a dad?"

"No I only had a dad and no mum," Jessica said smiling excitedly, "That was until I ran away now I'm looking for a new pack how about you?"

"I left too much responsibility there," I said smiling back, "I'm also looking for a new pack."

"Then I have a great idea," Jessica said happily, "Lets form a new pack together."

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