Sequel to Bullied To Death.
Alexis is now getting revenge on James (aka Keith) for the death of her little sister. She ran away to get away from her father, but then she heard about how her sister killed herself. She hurried home, and now is going to make sure James gets what he deserves for hurting and killing her little sister.


4. Keith

Keith's POV

"Fuck!" I yelled. The other guys came running in.

"Who did this?" One ask.

"It's obvious, it was Alexis."

"There's a note," one pointed out.

He grabbed the note and read it.

"She thinks she is going to kill all of us, that's funny. That's not going to happen." 

The guys just froze then one spoke up, "look at what she did."

"And? Anyone can pull off this kind of death, it's simple. Catch them by surprise then slit their throat. It's not hard to tie down a sleeping man. She can't face us when we are awake. Meaning she will only attack during the night time."

"Keith that means she will attack again."

"Not if we attack first."

"Us? What are we gonna do?"

"Simple. We follow her home. Then we attack her- not kill her, but injure her. You know, as a threat." 


"Tonight. She messed with one of us, we are going to fight back."

"Keith this is a bad idea."

"Would you rather get killed?" He yelled. "She won't stop! Not until all of us are dead."

"It's your fault. You did this. You're going to get what you deserve, but I don't want nothing to do with it. Keith, I've got a daughter somewhere that I pay child support to. I want to meet her, not end up dead. I'm leaving." He walked away, packed his stuff and left. 

"Anyone else want to leave?"

The other 2 shook their head no.

"So here's what we are going to do." He went on telling everything.


The guys went and ate lunch, then prepared for payback.






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