Sequel to Bullied To Death.
Alexis is now getting revenge on James (aka Keith) for the death of her little sister. She ran away to get away from her father, but then she heard about how her sister killed herself. She hurried home, and now is going to make sure James gets what he deserves for hurting and killing her little sister.


9. Done


Alexis's POV 


After coming home from the hospital, I began to fall into depression a lot. James had really gotten to me, and tried to kill me. Worst of all, the pain of losing my sister was only getting worse. Mark has been trying to help me out but lets just face the fact, I can't be helped. I have kept myself locked in my room for a week now. Mark has been trying to get me out of the house, but I keep refusing. He just left to go out with his guys. I really don't care, but I just, I can't handle my depression anymore. I tried to be strong, tried to do what was best for my sister. I failed at both, I'm a failure to my sister. I went into the bathroom to take a bath. I grabbed a full bottle of pain killers and swallowed them all. I laid in the tub and slowly felt my self go....


Mark's POV 

"Dude, I'm telling you I have a bad feeling! I need to go home now!" I yelled.

"Calm down, everything is fine," one of the guys answered.

"I know Alexis. Her depression from her sisters death has really hit her hard. I'm calling her now." 


I called the house phone she didn't pick up. Maybe she went out? I called her cell phone. She answer.


"Mark, I love you," she whispered. 

"I love you too Alexis." 


Then I heard static, as if her phone had water damage? What the heck was she doing? I left the guys and went home as quick as I can. When, I got home I called for her, but no response. I looked everywhere then went up to our room. There was a picture of us on the bed along with a note. 


I'm sorry my love. You mean the world to me, but this is to much for me to bare. Please stay strong. I love you.


I ran into the bathroom to see her in the tub laying there. I ran over to her and checked her pulse, she was dead. I quickly drove her to the hospital where I had to wait an hour for them to try and save her. The doctor came out and I felt my heart shatter when he gave me the news, my supposed to be/ soon to be wife was now dead.

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