Sequel to Bullied To Death.
Alexis is now getting revenge on James (aka Keith) for the death of her little sister. She ran away to get away from her father, but then she heard about how her sister killed herself. She hurried home, and now is going to make sure James gets what he deserves for hurting and killing her little sister.


3. Death # 1

I knew exactly where Keith lived. Yeah, I really don't know what to call him. I quietly walked up to one of the windows, and slowly opened it. It was at least 10:00 pm, so they were more and likely asleep. The window I climbed in, wasn't Keith's- of course not- it was one of his friend's room. Honestly, I didn't know any of his friend's names, but they were the same as him, which meant they needed to die. I slowly crept up on the guy laying in a dead sleep on the bed. Slowly I got on top of him and straddled him, he didn't wake up surprisingly. I had a few pieces of strong rope on me- honestly, I don't know where they came from- but I tied his arms to the headboard. This made him wake up a little. He kicked me and knocked me off him. I hit the wall and I got dizzy.


But, I ignored that and got back up. He was still tied down- I learned to do very strong knots- and I smiled. He tried to yell out, but I pulled out super glue and glued his mouth shut. I smiled at him, the look in his eye was priceless. 


Don't kill me

The look made me smile, but didn't stop me.


I smiled. 


I pulled out a knife out of my black boots. Slowly I softly ran a knife over his throat. It wasn't enough to cut, but it was a threat. I put a pillow over his head- letting him suffocate a little bit. After about 45 seconds I took the pillow and slit his throat, he was suffocating and bleeding to death. I smiled then wrote a note: 


Dear Keith,

 One down, four to go.

 Guess what- I will be coming for you! I will take everything you love away from you first. Then make you suffer terribly. Let the games begin.

     -A.W. your worst nightmare-


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