Change My Mind

Kate is kind, caring and friendly, she is also Niall's girlfriend and they are really close. When Zayn, a Bradford bad boy starts to feel the same about Kate he makes it his mission to change her.


2. No!

Zayn was a badass, I was completely different.

He always wore a leather jacket and smoked, I always wore bright colours and hated the thought of smoking. He pulled out a cigarette and offered one to me "No thanks, I don't smoke." I said he shrugged and lit his. A Minuite later he took his out his mouth and insisted I should have it. "No!" I shouted and turned away, Niall came back and we continued our day.

That night we were going to a party. I put on a pink tutu skirt and a blue vest top. I added a white cardigan and some thin black tights. I put on some blue vans and curled my hair.

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