I Have You Still (COMPLETED)

Louis Tomlinson, my best friend since we were 7 years old. His pranks, his jokes, everything about him made me think we were long lost siblings. We're very close to each other. I never left his side, and he never left mine. Best friends forever, or so that's what it seemed like until he left me.

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8. Chapter 8

"Hey Patty, I'm going out now! I'll text you when I'm on my way back!"

"Where you going?" She comes out of the hallway.

"Just going to go hangout with Harry."

"Ooo! Is it a date?" She wiggles her eyebrows.

"No! We're just hanging out."

"Okay Ashton. Whatever you say." She pinches my cheeks.

 I roll my eyes walking out to see Harry in the driveway. I hop in the car to get greeted with a hug.

"Hey Ashton, are you ready?"

"Yup. Where we going?" I ask.

"Wherever you would like to go."

"How about bowling?"

"Sounds good to me!"


"Strike three! You're out!" I shout pointing to Harry.

"I don't think that's how the game goes Ash." He chuckles standing to his feet.

"Harry carefully grabs the ball placing his fingers in the three holes. He takes a deep breath studying where he will release the ball," Harry looks back at me chuckling, "he takes a step back then sprints forward releasing the ball before he reaches the red line. It's going, it's going, and...goal!" I jump up from my seat.

"And the crowd goes wild!" Harry comes up to me picking me up and twirls me around.

"Aahhh!" I softly shout pretending to be the crowd.

"Your turn." Harry puts me down sitting back on his chair.

"If I make a strike, I win." I wiggle my eyebrows.

"Let's see who's the champion."

  I grab the ball placing my fingers in the hole placing the ball up to my face. I stand back in the middle eyeing which pin to hit. I take a step back and skip forward releasing the ball before I hit the line. The ball rolls down the aisle knocking down all the pins. I won!

"Yeah! I got skills!" I turn around jumping.

"You just had luck." Harry crossed his arms.

"Is somebody upset that they lost?" I say in a baby voice.

"No, but since you won, you get a prize." He leaned in close to me cupping my cheeks with his hands. I let him touch my lips barely enough as I quickly pull away.

"Friends remember?" He pouted as I giggled.

"You're such a teaser." He pecked my cheek.

"Let's go grab something to eat." We walk to the food court gazing around at the different foods. Hmmm...maybe pizza would be good. We walk to a pizzeria and order a pepperoni pizza.

  After eating dinner, we head back to my place. Harry goes around the car opening the door for me as I got in buckling up. He opens the drivers door getting in starting the car and we soon take off.

"I have to admit it...I had fun tonight Harry." I glanced his way smiling.

"I'm glad you had fun." We arrive at my apartment to see everyone in the building was asleep.

"Goodnight Harry." I leaned over giving him a hug.

"Goodnight Ashton."

 I walk up to the door walking in to be greeted by Patricia. "So, how was it?"

"Alright I guess." I shrug hiding my smile.

"Oh yeah? Then what's up with these pictures of you and Mr. Styles kissing?" My eyes widen as she slides through the pictures on her phone. Fuck!

"How did the pap sneak up on us? Man, I hate them!" My phone starts to ring in my pocket as I reach to get it.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Hey, could you come tomorrow?" It was Louis.

"Uh, yeah sure. Could Patricia?"

"No." He quickly responds.

"Why ca-"

"Just meet me at my place by 11."

"Okay." Is all I could get out. I hang up plopping on the couch.

"What's wrong?"

"Louis kind of sounded harsh when I was talking to him right now."

"Maybe he just had a bad day or something." She shrugs.

"Yeah, maybe...."

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