I Have You Still (COMPLETED)

Louis Tomlinson, my best friend since we were 7 years old. His pranks, his jokes, everything about him made me think we were long lost siblings. We're very close to each other. I never left his side, and he never left mine. Best friends forever, or so that's what it seemed like until he left me.

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3. Chapter 3

"Wow. Within the 3 years you've done so much. Especially with the boys at your side."

"Yeah, enough about me. How's your life? Family?"

"My life's been alright, but let's not bring up 'family', okay?" I say, making quotation marks with my fingers as I say family.

"Oh, I see. So when did you move back here in LA?"

"Well, a couple months after you lost X Factor and during that time I made a new best friend."

"You replaced me?!" He pretends to act angry.

"I didn't replace you, but after these 3 years I thought you replaced me with the boys."

"I'd never!"

"That's what I was hoping. Man, it's been..." His phone suddenly starts to ring as I'm in the middle of my sentence.

"Hold that thought, Ash, I got to take this it must be management." He stands to his feet and walks outside, walking back and forth by the window.

 He's really changed. He's gotten more mature, his style has changed, just something about him looks different, I just can't put my finger on it.

"Sorry, it was Eleanor calling me." He sits back down across from me.

"Oh, it's okay you guys have a long distance relationship and she must really," I meet his eyes and freeze for a second, "really miss you."

"Uh, yeah." He scratches his neck looking away.

  We stay quiet, looking around the empty shop. Eleanor doesn't know how it feels to be away from him for 3 whole years and not getting a single call. Ash, shake that thought away! You're here with him now, be happy. I smile up at him and he sends me one back.

"Louis, I've been looking for you every-" I look up and see the brown curly haired boy from the band, Harry, "where." I look up at his sparkling emerald green eyes.

"Harry, this is Ashton, my best friend. Ashton, well, you already know him."

Harry extends his hand out to me. "Hello love." He plants a kiss on my hand.

 I feel my cheeks heat up as his warm lips kiss my hand. I slowly pull away and see Louis at the corner of my eye, squinting his eyes at Harry. He shakes his head and takes a sip of his coffee.

"Hi Harry." I ignore Louis.

"So, you're on a date or something?" Harry looks straight at Louis.

"No! Didn't you hear me? We're best friends, right Ash?" They both look at me.

 I let out a little nervous laugh. "Of course this isn't a date, Harry, Louis would never cheat on Eleanor, they're too cute together." It's true. I shipped Elounor since the beginning.

"Really?" Louis looks at me.

I nod my head. "Shipped it since the beginning."

 I look over at Harry who has a little twinkle in his eyes as he took a quick glance at me. I feel myself get heated again. I cover my cheeks and look back at Louis, who was on his phone probably texting Eleanor.

"Harry, uh...why don't you sit with us?" I offer.

"We have to get going anyways, Alberto is texting me that we have an interview in 2 hours." Louis stands to his feet.

"Oh well, could I at least get your number and maybe we could hangout when your not busy?" I ask.

"Sure." We hand each other our phones and put in our numbers. We hand them back and head towards the exit.

"I wouldn't go out if I were you," one of the workers says.

"What?" Louis opens the door, flashes of paparazzi and screaming of fans appear everywhere. "Agh!"

"I told you." We turn back to the worker.

"Is there another way out?" Louis asks.

"Yeah, but they blocked that side too."


"We should call security."

"That'll take a while Louis, and we only have like an hour to get to back to the hotel," Harry said.

"Just make a run for it guys." They turn to me laughing.

"Are you kidding me Ash? We'll get trampled over by them."

"Do you want to get out, or do you want to stay here all day?"

"I'd actually rather stay here all day," Louis says.

"That wasn't my point, so let's go."

  I open the door and flashes appear again followed by the screams of fans. I shove my way through and pull Louis behind me, as Harry and him cover their heads. I suddenly get shoved to the floor by paparazzi and hit the floor hard. I feel hands wrap around my waist picking me up from the floor. I look up and see a serious looking Harry holding onto me, pushing his way through the crowd with Louis at my side.

"Let's hurry up!" I say, wrapping my arms around Harry and pull him along with me as he links arms with Louis at his side now. I keep on walking and feel an arm elbow me hard in the eye. "Ah shit!" I let to of Harry and clutch my eye, falling to my knees.

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