I Have You Still (COMPLETED)

Louis Tomlinson, my best friend since we were 7 years old. His pranks, his jokes, everything about him made me think we were long lost siblings. We're very close to each other. I never left his side, and he never left mine. Best friends forever, or so that's what it seemed like until he left me.

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11. Chapter 11

   ~Patricia's Pov~
  It's been two weeks since Ash had last talk to Louis and Harry. I haven't seen her come out of the room much since then. She'll come out and get food from the kitchen and go back inside her room for the rest of the day. I've never seen her this upset before. I wish she could just come out and talk to me about what's been going through her head.

I hear a knock at the door as I walk down the hallway. I unlock the door, opening it to see...Louis and Harry?

"Louis? Harry?" I look at them for a while confused. I suddenly remember what happened two weeks ago. I clench my teeth frowning at them. "What the hell do you two want?"

"We need to talk to Ashton," Louis says.

"She doesn't want visitors at the moment, so try in another thousand years!" I shut the door, but only to be stopped by Harry's foot.

"Just listen for a second, okay?" Harry opens the door.

"Hurry up then." I cross my arms waiting.

"Look, we feel horrible for hurting Ashton and we can't bare not having her around with us. She's special to us."

 "So what? Are you going to both ask her who she loves more so one of you could be boyfriend and girlfriend with her?" I scowl.

"No! We are not going to do that to Ash! We're just going to be friends, nothing more than that," Louis says lowly.

"If my friend is hurt again by either one of you, you are both never to comeback here again! Understand?" They both nod. I open the door more letting them inside the apartment.

"Where's her room?" Harry looks back at me.

"The last room down the hallway." He nods and walks on into her room, followed by Louis.

 I walk towards the kitchen grabbing a glass cup filling it up with water. I raise the glass up to my lips downing the it. I hear a scream from down the hall making me drop the cup as it shatters into small pieces. I run towards Ashton's room searching around the room. I walk towards the bathroom to see Harry standing at the doorway still.

"Ashton! Why oh why?" Louis whimpers. I look over a Harry's shoulder to see Ashton on the ground covered in blood. I cover my mouth gasping.

"This is my fault." Louis begins to cry.

"No, this is my fault. I broke her heart the day we fought. I was just angry and it slipped out of my mouth. Look." He hands a crumbled paper to Louis as he scans it.

"It's my fault, Harry. I wish I never had said anything that day. What I did was immature, stupid, and fucked up. I really messed up." Louis buries his face in his hands.

"Wait, what are those?" I slide through the doorway towards Louis where bottles layed next to Ashton's body. I pick it up scanning it. She's been taking pills...but why? How did she even get these?

"She's been on drugs or something?" Harry bent down to us.

"Why is she doing this to herself?" Louis takes Ashton's hand in his, kissing it lightly.

"Depression." Harry mumbles.

"But what's the reason?"

"Louis, do you not know your best friend?" Harry looks up at him.

"Apparently not after the fight."

"You know why, right Patricia?" Harry looks up at me.

I bite my lip. Do I know? "Well she's told me how family doesn't care for her."

"That's one, but now there's another reason...Louis and me."

"Get out." I mutter under my breath, shutting my eyes.


"I said get out!" I yell, pointing out the door. My eyes become watery as I hold the tears from falling down my face.

"No, we did this and were going to fix it." Louis stands to his feet, looking at me straight in the eyes.

"Look what you did to my best friend here! Haven't you done enough to hurt her?! She doesn't want to see you guys anymore!" I ball my hands up into fists.

"I've been her best friend longer than you, Patricia!" He shouts back at me.

"But I would never leave her for 3 fucking years without saying anything!" It's falls silent as Louis just stares at me.

 I can't believe this guy, seriously! Why should he talk to her if he's hurt her so many times?! Especially Harry! I knew Ash loved him and he loved her back, but he decided to be a jerk and leave her crying for him.

"What? Cats got your tongue?" I spat.

"I didn't mean to leave her." He murmured.

"When were going to tell her that you were leaving for 3 years then?!"

"I didn't know I was going to be gone that long! I didn't even know if the band was going to be a big success!" He shouts, breathing heavily.

"What?" Harry voice was filled with anger.

"No, Harry, I-"

"Save it Tomlinson!" Harry cuts Louis off, running out.

"Harry wait!" Louis shouts.

"Louis, just get out." I spoke lowly. With that, Louis left without saying a word. I walk back into the bathroom to see Ashton on the ground still, wrists covered in blood. "Oh Ash, I'm sorry about this." I kneeled next to her, crying in my hands.


A/N: Finally added someone else's Pov! Hope you're enjoying it! Well, this wasn't a happy chapter...uh, bye! *leaves awkwardly*

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