Divergent- Origins (FOR COMPETITION)

Have you ever wondered who was the very first Divergent? And what made them so dangerous in reputation? I implore you. Keep reading. If you want to find out…
(republished for the Divergent fanfic competition)


1. Prologue

Lani Gudrun swapped factions. After the government decided Chicago should be split into five parts many people thought that they were to keep to their own faction. Anyone who did otherwise was a traitor. As Lani held her hand steady over the giant bowl of Abnegation she looked up nervously at her parents, clad in black and glaring reproachfully at her. And as soon as her blood splashed across the dull, gray stones Lani stepped back. She'd chosen selflessness over bravery.

She was no longer welcome at home. For the rest of the ceremony this weighed on her conscience. And when the final sixteen-year-old had chosen they dispersed. Lani didn't bother trying to walk back to her family. They didn't even stop for her.

Maybe this was all part of her being Divergent, Lani thought hopefully. Maybe it gets better.

But for her, things only got worse.

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