Divergent- Origins (FOR COMPETITION)

Have you ever wondered who was the very first Divergent? And what made them so dangerous in reputation? I implore you. Keep reading. If you want to find out…
(republished for the Divergent fanfic competition)


5. 4

  Lani walked into the building. It was so much different to the ones in Dauntless. The walls were so much more simple and there were less colours. Basically, everything was too bland. She noticed everyone serving up food at a massive desk spread across the back wall. 

She walked closer to see trays of plain fish, carrots and slices of bread. However, the queue caught her eye. Everyone was slipping to the back to let others in front. How would she ever get to the front if she had to let everyone else go first?

She just couldn't get over how dull it was here. No-one spoke that much, all trying to be peaceful and calm. Everyone just sat down and ate, then cleared their tray up and held the door for everyone else leaving.

Lani couldn't see how it made sense though; if you always had to do everything for everyone else, how could you do that when everyone around you wanted to do that as well? It didn't really make sense, but at least she was safe here. At least here, her secret could stay hidden beneath the walls of dusty grey.  She finally received her meal and found a spot by herself in a secluded corner of the hall. There was barely any chatter so she found it a bit too quiet for her liking. Dauntless had been very different.

Down a couple of aisles Lani could just see Lisa's head poking up over the sea of grey. 

"Hey," Lisa said quietly.

"Hi," Lani replied.

"I can imagine it's a lot different here than where you're from." Lisa chewed her carrots thoughtfully.

"How does anyone get anything down here?" Lani couldn't help asking. It was like a word at the tip of your tongue that escaped before it was too late.

Lisa frowned.

"I mean, you're always putting each other first and if everyone did that then no one would be first, right?"

"Oh, I don't know actually. Anyway, I think we're about to head out for our first test," Lisa smiled.

Lani knew the tests in Abnegation were not going to be jumping off a sky-scraper and landing in a net below. It was probably going to be a test to see who was the most selfless by helping others. She may not have been selfless, but she stood none the less, let person after person go before her in the line for the first test.

All the time thinking she had to find a new name. Perhaps that would help her fit in more...

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