Divergent- Origins (FOR COMPETITION)

Have you ever wondered who was the very first Divergent? And what made them so dangerous in reputation? I implore you. Keep reading. If you want to find out…
(republished for the Divergent fanfic competition)


11. 10

Lani took a deep breath and tried to keep her gun steady. There was adrenaline pumping through her body almost to the extent of passing out. Jonathan nodded at her and pointed to the Abnegation government building and then they snuck through the main gates.

"This is going better than expected," Jonathan whispered as they entered the foyer. That was when a tall woman stepped out. She turned around.

It was Jessica, gaping like a fish. Lani saw her shudder, almost toppling over her robe. Immediately, she shook herself and stood up in front of Lani. She raised her gun. Lani lifted hers. Jessica took another deep breath. Lani straightened up and aimed. Clicked the bullet into the chamber and fired.


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