Divergent- Origins (FOR COMPETITION)

Have you ever wondered who was the very first Divergent? And what made them so dangerous in reputation? I implore you. Keep reading. If you want to find out…
(republished for the Divergent fanfic competition)


2. 1

Walking along the streets of the Dauntless Faction Lani felt herself getting sweaty. Lani's boyfriend, Drake, stared down at her. He was even more broody than usual with his black hair flopping into his eyes. Usually there wasn't much that bothered him but due to the importance of that day he'd been more grouchy than usual.

“I wonder what faction I'll be in,” Drake murmured.

“Probably stay here,” Lani said.

Drake shrugged. “Those Amity kids seem cool.” He grinned.

Obviously he was joking so Lani laughed a little. “I don't know. I'll probably end up staying here.”

“Course you will. I can imagine you hanging out with those Stiffs,” Drake said, in another attempt to be funny.

But for some reason it wasn't. Lani didn't laugh.

“Aw. Come on.” Drake shoved her over the path a little.

Lani shoved him back.

Drake shoved her a little more.

Lani shoved him back.

Then they stopped. Not that anyone had seen anyway.

Drake stopped walking. “See you at the Ceremony,” Drake smiled. Then he stalked off, mingling into the depressing sea of black leather.


The dog barked at her. It snarled aggressively. A scream escaped the small girl in front of her's throat. Lani frowned. The dog didn't seem to actually be doing anything.

Are you okay?” Lani asked.

The small girl didn't reply as she trembled horribly from head to toe. The dog rested its head on her knee and began to whimper. Slowly the girl reached down and patted the dog. Lani's shoulders relaxed as she realised no one would get hurt. Suddenly the dog  grabbed the girl's hand in its jaw.  The girl screeched so high Lani almost fainted.  Inching towards the dog, she tried to think of a solution. She could attack the dog and throw it off or try to calm it. Taking a deep breath Lani placed a hand on the beast's head and stroked the fur. The snarling died down.


 The next moment Lani had her whole body submerged in water.  There was no air in her lungs and Lani began to panic. She swam over to the wall of the cage and pounded on it. The noise resounded back strangely in the water. Then she spied something. The plug on the floor! All the distress had taken the logic from her brain but now she knew what to do. Lani kicked with her remaining strength and pushed towards the bottom. Her hand clamped around something metal and she pulled. Black spots appeared in her eyes but finally the plug came free and the water slowly began to drain. Soon, all the water was gone and Lani was left there, gasping.


This time there was a creature of some sort with teeth jagged at the tips. Lani jumped back in surprise but then noticed a thick chain around its neck.

Lani get back now!”

Lani spun around and came face to face with her family. Her mum yanked her back and glaresternly at her. “What the heck do you think you're doing here?” Cassandra conI didn't-this isn't real mum. I'm not actually here. None of this is real,” Lani said quickly.

Of course this is real, Lani! Why would we be here otherwise?!”

Lani shook her head.

A great SNAP sent the chain in two. The creature was free. It bounded towards them. Lani reached behind her and was surprised to feel a gun. Quickly snatching it up Lani jumped in front of her family and aimed. 


The lady didn't reply. She just sat there.

“What?” Lani asked again.

Jasmine shook her head in disbelief. She was a pretty as a TV star with her  chestnut, wavy hair.

Lani sat up in the chair. “What?”

Jasmine revealed a notebook from her pocket and started to scribble in it.

“What?” Lani demanded for the umpteenth time.

“You're inconclusive,” Jasmine said.

“Oh,” Lani sighed. “I thought it was bad for a minute.”

Jasmine smiled wryly. “The way you reacted to the dog suggested that you go to Amity. When you were drowning I concluded that you'd be fit for Erudite. And finally, when you were fighting that beast you came up as Abnegation. Therefore you're inconclusive. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Not for me anyhow .”

“Seriously?” Lani dangled her legs down. This didn't seem so horrible. “What's so scary about it then? I mean. That just suggests I have lots of choices. Doesn’t it?” There was still worry in Jasmine’s eyes.

“What it also means is that you're powerful. You're selfless, smart and peaceful all together. You're dangerous,” Jasmine said.

Lani frowned. “If I'm peaceful...”

“I think you need to leave,” Jasmine said hastily. Lani moved to the door.

“You can't tell them about your results,” Jasmine added as Lani reached for the door handle.

“Well, I can't anyway so-”

“Especially not now,” Jasmine insisted. “For the moment let's just say you're neither Abnegation, Amity, Erudite, Dauntless or Candor. You're...Di…Divergent. Yes, that's it. You're Divergent.”

“What's Divergent mean?” Lani asked.

“It means to be 'different'. Or in this case to be extremely hazardous.”

Lani raised an eyebrow and then opened the door, shut the door and didn't think any more about it. Besides, being different never hurt anyone.

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