The Curse Of The Stigma

The legend says that if you get the stigma you're cursed for life, you are a shame for you're own family and have to live in pain.

Ivy Nolan got the stigma and had to leave her village right away, Ivy's parents send her away to a camp. Camp Stigma. There other cursed teens lives, no one knows what happens with them just that they never comes back.


1. The Stigma Camp

I'll remember it like it was yesterday I got the stigma. It was on my eighteenth birthday, me and my little sister Rosie was playing outside in the sunlight. When she suddenly asked me why I had dirt on my face, I ran inside so I could wash it off but when I looked in the bathroom mirror I saw it, it wasn't dirt. I couldn't wash it of with water, it wouldn't go away with anything.

Everyone knows about the Stigma and the legend, it's a curse some people even says it's a disease cause you can never lose it and you will live in pain. You can never guess if you are going to get it or not, it just happens and it happen to me. Ivy Nolan got the Stigma Curse.

My parents send me away the day after when the Stigma had spread all over my body and the pain started to kick in. That was the last time I saw my family, I had to forget about the past and think about my future in the Stigma Camp. It was a Camp mixed with boys and girls, the youngest was thirteen and the oldest was nineteen. You only got the chance to get the Stigma when you are a teenager and when you get it you're stuck with it until you die.

In the Camp we needed to learn to live with the pain in our bodies and not let our emotions control us. It was like we had to act like we didn't had a heart, they learned us how to fight like warriors. But they didn't tell us why just that we had to do it, just in case.

Now, 3 months later I'm a top fighter and get hired sometimes to train others. I'm a fast learner and won't back down. The old Ivy Nolan that was shy and careful, is gone. Now I'm brave and strong. The memories of my family still shows up, but It doesn't matter I can't see them ever again. Cause I have the Stigma Curse, I'm a shame for the Nolan family.

"Ivy Nolan!, get up we got some new Stigma children and you are going to teach them for today!". The man walked out from my tent. Mr Shier also had the Stigma Curse, he is a cold blooded man with no feelings at all. No one likes him, a rumor says that he don't even have a heart at all. I don't believe it but he sure act like its true.

I got up from my hard bed and walked outside, birds where singing and the sun warmed my cold body. It's not often we get to sleep longer than 8am and today was not that day.

"Morning Ives, something new?", Lisa was twenty years old and came here at seventeen. She is like my big sister and some even says that she is a blonde version of me, but nicer.

"I have to train the new Stigma children again, you got some info on them?", I asked. Lisa handed me over a paper with names,age and village name. "So they are between nineteen and sixteen huh?". Lisa nodded and looked at the paper with me. "I just met them at the entrance, some of them actually seems pretty excited", she giggled a little bit. "It's nothing excited about this, I will change their mind. Don't worry".

"Well good luck and remember you are the only one to get to be a trainer like this after three months, see you later Ives", Lisa walked away and I headed to the entrance. It was five of them, three guys and two girls. "When I call youre name I want you to come up to me!", I shouted. They stood in a row like robots. "Blane Fink!", a tall guy with black hair and baby blue eyes came up to me. "Nineteen, from the south village...", I mumbled. He smiled at me and half of his face was covered in Stigmas. "What are you smiling at?", I raised an eyebrow. "I didn't thought I would see such a pretty girl hear the first day", he smirked at me and started to flirt. "Well this pretty girl is here to teach you not to screw around like a kid... You know what show me what you got", I put the paper in my shirt pocket.

He laughed and looked at the others, "are you serious?, you want me to hit you?". I nodded "do you know any fighting skills?", I asked and felt the adrenalin pump in my body like it does every time. "Maybe but I won't hit a girl, especially not a girl with such pretty face". "Too bad", I said and kicked him in the stomach so he fell to the ground. Blane lade on the ground, shipping for air. "Next time, don't care what I look like or any other girl. Just do what you gotta do okay?, oh and I'm Ivy Nolan", I smiled and he looked at me aggressively.

"Very good miss Nolan", mr Shier looked pleased beside me. "Thank you". "I have decided to take care of these my self so you can dismiss", he command. I nodded at him while looking him in the eyes to show that I was great full, something that we always have to do. It feels like we are in the military a little bit.

I left and looked for Lisa, she was at the training field with John and Nina doing sit-ups. "Oh hi Ivy shouldn't you be with the new Stigmas?", Nina asked be in between the sit-ups. "No, mr Shire wanted to take over. I think I should thank him". John laughed "yeah you do that and he will kick you're ass".

John has been here for six years, he's twenty one years old and is Nina's boyfriend. I have always thought that their relationship is a bit weird, she is the same age as me but they act like they are siblings not a couple. "I heard that you hit someone", Lisa said while she took a sip of water. "Yeah, a new guy Blane. He flirted with me and it's so annoying", I wined like a little kid. "What is you're problem Ives, guys has flirted with you since you got here. If they flirted with me like that I would marry them". Nina laughed so hard so she was lying on the ground crying. "Losing up a little bit Ivy, you don't have to be so harsh and cold all the time. That's not the girl I meet three months ago.", John said. Nina stopped laughing and looked very serious instead. "I liked that girl better, she wasn't so cocky", Lisa complained. "Well she wouldn't survive here either, the old me was so weak and shy". Nina agreed and said that you need to be tuff in here. "You can at least mix the old you with the new you, even if they trains us not to act on our emotions and stuff. Be a rule breaker they won't notice, you are their favorite", John said while he took a break.

Maybe their right, after all you just have to play you're cards right. You don't have to be a robot like they try to do to us, you just need to fool them a little bit. They won't notice if I am the old Ivy Nolan too. But do I want to be that girl again?, that girl that was weak and shy with no confident at all.

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