The Dangers of Falling. AU

Amelia Shades has been running from her past for awhile, and never looked back. But while running, she runs into the dashing Harry Styles. He's charming, arrogant, cheeky, and nosy; four of the things she hates. But she feels a certain tug towards him; one that makes her want to lose her nomad streak. Can Harry save her, or is she too far gone?


4. You Gotta Show the World That Something Good Can Work.

I was comfortable. Really, truly, comfortable; not comfortable just being in Harry’s home, but I was comfortable in my own skin for once. I felt like I was a snake, finally shedding my old skin. I didn’t know what it was, but even though I had only known these crazy—yet bearable—people for more a week, I felt like I could finally let my hair down. I know that made me vulnerable, but they made me feel safe. They made me feel like I was me again. But I wasn’t only comfortable in how I was feeling—I was comfortable in the position the four of us were currently in. Jayden and I sat on the very ends of the black leather couch, with Louis and Harry curled up in between us, their heads resting on either of our laps. Soft, well-worn blankets were thrown over us, because of the air conditioner that was set on chilly. Normally, I’d mind the close touch of skin, and I’d be screaming about my personal bubble. But let’s face it, they were changing me quickly and closely, a complete opposite from slowly but surely. 

“Oh my god, does anyone besides myself realize how stupid this girl is?” Louis gaped, his eyes glued to the intense horror movie playing in front of his eyes. 

“I know, she doesn’t even turn on any lights. Why does every girl in horror movies never turn on any lights? It’s common sense!” Harry agreed, his wildly gesturing hands deciding to set back in his lap. Jayden and I watched the boys in amusement, the same thoughts running through our minds as we continuously tried to hold back laughs. I absentmindedly reached my hand out, running through Harry’s curls that were resting in my lap. He tensed, before looking up at me, his eyebrows scrunched up in confusion and shock. I jerked my hand back, unaware of what I was doing. 

“Oh… erm, sorry.” I quickly said. Harry slowly smiled, before settling his head back in my lap. 

“Its fine, Amelia. I don’t mind.” I hesitated before slowly playing with the brown locks again. I saw him smile out of the corner of my eye. 

“Hey Jay, that girl looks like you.” Louis joked, pointing at a girl on the television decked out in hooker clothing. 

“Piss off.” Jayden bopped Louis on the head, grumbling insults to him under her breath. My phone buzzed beside me, lighting up under the blanket. I reached for it, but Harry snatched it up before I could even grasp it. 

“Who is Ian?” Harry spat out. 

“No one you know.” I snatched the phone back out of his hand before jumping off the couch, leaving Harry to plop back down hard on the sofa. I pressed ‘answer’ as I climbed on top of the island in the kitchen. 

“Hello?” Ian’s familiar voice rang in my ears. 

“Hey Ian,” I smiled. “What’s up?” 

“Just got finished with my shift at a diner. Some of the customers that came in today were strange. I have lots of stories.” He laughed. “But what about you? Are you at Harry’s?” I could hear the slight teasing in his voice. 

“Yeah. We’re watching a horror film.” I shrugged, even though I knew he couldn’t see me. I swung my legs back and forth. 

“Oh, what a perfect opportunity for you to jump into his lap.” Ian joked. 

“You disgust me.” I groaned, “The movie bores me, but the others like it, so I made no protest.” 

“Others? What others?” 

“Ian, Harry’s not a loner like me. He has friends.” 

“Shut up, that’s not what I implied and you know it.” I rolled my eyes. 

“Don’t roll your eyes at me,” My eyes widened in surprise, but quickly I reminded myself Ian knew me better than the back of his hand, “So, what’s the address?” 

“1700 none of your business.” I snapped. 

“Hmm, I haven’t ever heard of that street. Is it new?” he replied in his usual sarcastic tone. 

“Shut up, smart ass.” I scoffed. 

“If I do recall, you started it, my dear. So, someone doesn’t want me to meet her new friends. I feel hurt.” I could just imagine him laying his hand over his heart in mock pain. 

“Look, I just want to do this on my own-“ I began. 

“Hello, Ian.” Harry jerked the phone out of my hand, his jaw tense as he muttered his address into the phone, “Great, it’ll be great to finally meet you.” He said all the while staring at me. I held his gaze, shock evident in my eyes. He had been eavesdropping. Eavesdropping. Fury overcame my shock as he threw my phone into my lap, walking out of the room. 
I jerked him back by his arm, not getting him to move back far enough, but it got him to look at me.

“What the hell was that?” I spat, glaring at him. 

“I invited your boyfriend over. You’re welcome.” He spat back. 

“No, you wer-“ I froze, biting back all I was going to say, “Wait, boyfriend?” he nodded, the same glare in his eyes. Realization set in, as did the laughter, and I couldn’t hold it back. I leaned against the counter for support, holding my stomach that was currently aching. I doubled over, more laughter flowing from me. I tried to calm myself as I wiped the tears from my eyes. I hadn’t laughed in so long, the feeling felt… good. Harry had his arms crossed across his chest, his lips in a frown. Obviously he didn’t find this as amusing as I did. 

“Harry… Ian’s my best friend.” I finished, refraining from bursting into another fit of laughter. Harry’s eyes widened, his eyebrows raising in surprise. 

“Oh… I just thought-“ 

“You thought wrong. Look, don’t eavesdrop on me and then immediately assume your own conclusion.” I snapped, some of my faded anger returning. 

“I’m sorry.” Harry’s head hung low as he massaged his temple. “But at least I get to meet him. I didn’t know you had a friend here.” 

“Yeah, neither did I.” I muttered under my breath as he followed me out into the living room. Jayden and Louis looked at us with suspicious eyes, but remained silent. I took my seat back on the couch, and Harry looked at me hesitantly before sitting beside me. A few short minutes later, there was a knock on the door. I jumped up alongside Harry, and we shoved and pushed at each other as we raced to get to the door first. 

“He’s my friend, Harry, get out of the way.” 

“Last time I checked, I was the one that invited him over, so he’s my guest.” I reached the door first, and I quickly swung it open, hitting Harry. He groaned from behind the door as I smiled at Ian. 

“’sup?” I nodded, as Harry appeared beside me, holding his head. 

“Really, Ames?” Ian sighed. 

“It had to be done.” I nodded. 

“You must be Harry. I’ve heard a ton about you.” Ian smirked at me as I looked at him in horror. 

“Oh, really?” I could feel Harry’s heated gaze burning through the temple of my head. I kept my gaze on Ian. If looks could kill, Ian would be a pile of ashes. 

“What a shame we haven’t met sooner. Please, come in.” Harry flashed his Cheshire cat smile at me as he made way for Ian. I closed the door behind them, grabbing Ian by the jacket collar. 

“You’re dead.” I hissed into his ear, but he just laughed. He froze once we got in the living room, and I bumped into him from behind. He was staring at Jayden, her hand stuffing her face with popcorn before she looked up. 

“Who is she?” Ian whispered in my ear. 

“Who is the dude?" Jayden asked at the same time. 

"She's taken." I whispered back in his ear, before shoving him in the direction of the couch, where a jealous Louis stirred. 

"So, Isaac, is it?" Louis piped up.

"Ian." Ian smiled as he corrected Louis.

"Ah, okay. I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson, nice to meet you." Louis slung his arm around Jayden, a smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes. Louis was so jealous.

"I'm Jayden Styles." Jayden smiled, nodding in Ian's direction. I was finding it hard not to laugh at how ridiculous the three were acting; Ian was oblivious but found Jayden attractive, Louis was jealous but trying to be sarcastically pleasant, and Jayden was just being Jayden.

"And I'm Harry Styles, but I think you knew that." Harry added in awkwardly, as if to break the tension.

"You two are brother and sister?" Ian looked between Harry and Jayden.

"Cousins." The two answered simultaneously. They had their resemblances; the same striking green eyes, the same noses. That was it though. Jayden had pin-straight black hair, her smile was small, and her complexion was rather pale in contrast to Harry's brown curly mess of hair, large attractive smile, and tannish skin.

"So, how do you and Amelia know each other?" Harry inquired, squinting his eyes at me. Ian smiled while I groaned. This was quite the story. 

"Should I tell the story of how we met, or do you want to?" Ian smirked.

"I'd rather correct you on what you have to say." I put my face in my hands, groaning. 

"Is it really that bad of a story?" Jayden asked, her nose crinkling. I nodded, and Ian laughed.

"So, we used to live in the States back then, not here. Amelia and I met in the third grade, right? It was the first day of school, and I was early, as usual. I was quite a nerdy student. So, right before the bell rang, this girl came strutting in, and she was not properly matching at all. It was horrible." Ian started off.

"Hey, mom was gone that day, so I had to dress myself!" I defended my honor, flinching at the use of my mom's name. Ian noticed, and he smiled weakly.

"Right. Well, she came in, her socks were the wrong length and didn't match, her jeans had a paint splatter on them, and her t-shirt was too big. She slammed her things down on the desk, smiled really big with her two front teeth missing, and announced to the class, "My names Amelia and don't touch my crayons or else.", then she sat down. I thought she was pretty cool then, because I didn't like anyone touching my crayons either. So, later on that day, I thought we could be friends, because I liked her sass, and I sat by her while we were coloring. I told her that I wanted to be her friend and asked if we could share crayons, and I brought out my pack of crayons. Then, she gave me this long warning about using her crayons, and her face was so serious I remember, and she was really cautious about it." Ian started laughing, and I rolled my eyes.

"They were my first 64 pack of crayons, I was not going to share them with just anybody." I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Then in the middle of coloring my puppy blue, which happened to be her favorite color back then, it broke."

"Correction, you broke it by coloring too hard." I added in.

"Amelia got so mad she hit me in the face, pushed me to the ground, grabbed my box of crayons and held me down and threw crayons right in my face, screaming, and “You broke my favorite crayon!" over and over. It took the teacher a few pulls to get her off me." Ian was cackling at that point, and I couldn't help but crack a grin.

"So, we both had to stay in during recess, why I did I have no clue why, and we had to sit in time out with our chairs facing back-to-back away from each other. Amelia started whispering to me that she wasn't my friend anymore, and I cried. I was sad because I really did want to be her friend, I just accidentally broke her crayon and she beat me up, but then at the end of time out I told her I was sorry and that I wanted to be friends again. She said she had to think about it, and I told her she could break one of my crayons, so she asked what my favorite color was and I said orange, and without hesitation she reached over, grabbed my orange crayon, and broke it in two. Then, she told me we were even so we could be friends again, and then she gave me the biggest hug. After that, we were friends ever since." Ian smiled as he laughed, and I laughed along too, because out of all our stories, the story of how we first became friends was my favorite, because it described the rest of our friendship almost perfectly.

"Then, you know, high school, we both went our separate ways. We lost contact, or well she did, and I happened to run into her at the coffee place I worked at." Ian smiled. 

"Amelia, you were a very violent kid." Harry said, as him, Jayden, and Louis held their stomachs as they laughed. 

"That just goes to show don't mess with little kids crayons." I shrugged, smiling among my laughing friends. Friends. The word clicked somewhere in my mind. I was forming a bond with these people. And I liked it.

"Amelia." A voice whispered, and I twisted in my sheets, murmuring something incoherent. The voice whispered my name again, and I turned once again, burying my head in the pillow. 

"Amelia." the voice was louder now, and I felt a warm hand grasp my arm and shake. I woke up instantly, my foot automatically kicking out as I scrambled away up the bed. I pulled my knees up to my chest and let out a whimper. A groan came from the floor beside the bed, and I clicked the bedside lamp on before peering over the side of the bed. I blinked as I adjusted to light. Harry was rocking himself in the floor, holding his crotch area. 

"Oh, Harry, I'm so sorry!" I gasped as I crawled off the bed. "Jeez, I'm an idiot. I'm sorry, it was a reflex." I pushed Harry's curls back from his forehead, his face twisted up in pain. He groaned again and leaned into me, resting his head on my leg. 

"Amelia, your reflexes are going to kill me." He muttered after a while. He sat up, wincing slightly. 

"I'm really sorry. I just thought you were-" I cut myself off, regretting my words. I was fixing to say I thought he was my mom. 

"Thought I was what?" He murmured, his eyebrows scrunching up. I noticed he always made that face when he was curious or confused. 

"I-uh, nothing. What are you doing in my room at," I glanced at the clock, "5 in the morning?" His face flushed. It was cute. 

"I couldn't sleep. I thought you might have been awake too, so I came in wondering if you wanted to go for a walk with me," he smiled sheepishly, "But, I mean I understand if you don't want to. I'm sorry if I woke you up." He stood to go. I touched his arm, and he looked back at me, confusion in his eyes. 

"No," he stared at me, "I mean, no, don't go." I stared back at him, his features bathed in the warm glow of the lamp. He was being sincere. 

"I'll get my jacket." He smiled, and lifted out a hand to help me up. I took it gratefully. There was a tingle in my palm, shooting up my nerves. As soon as he let go, the feeling faded. I shook my head as if it would rid my mind, and quickly shrugged on a hoodie, before sliding on my sneakers. 

Soon we were trudging down the street. I don't think either of us were bothered with walking slow. In fact, it was comforting. It was silent, the only sounds being early morning birds chirping to their others in the trees. I felt my hair slowly falling down. I retied my hair up into a ponytail, managing to gather most of it. Since I got it layered, pieces still hung down, framing my face. I glanced at Harry, and he was staring intently at me. My breath flew out of me as I caught his eye. I hadn't realized how green his eyes were. Nor how beautiful they were. 

"Your eyes are really green." I blurted out, before quickly looking away. I heard him deeply laugh. 

"And yours are really brown." He mocked. I elbowed him, but he just laughed. 

"So, you're up early." I said. 

"Yeah... I couldn't sleep," he gazed off in the distance, "I don't sleep much ever. I wake up at weird times in the middle of the night. I guess you can call it insomnia." He shrugged. 

"I'm the same way," I said softly, "And I drink a lot of coffee." He chuckled, and I cracked a small smile. 

"I normally go out and walk by myself. It's nice to go walking with someone for once," he smiled at me, "Someone who understands." I smiled back, and I couldn't help the warm feeling that flew through me. 

"I want to show you something." His deep voice murmured. 

"Okay." My voice was barely above a whisper. "Where?" 

"You'll see." He smiled, and even in the dim darkness I could spot his dimples peeking out. 

"You're quiet tonight." He pointed out. 

"I don't know what to say." I shrugged. 

"You can say whatever you like." 

"Hmm... Well, I was thinking of buying this really cute bra the other day-" 

"Okay, maybe not just anything. Save that for girl talk with Jayden." We both laughed quietly. 
"Tell me about yourself." 


"What do you want to know?" 

"This way." He grabbed my arm lightly, steering me through the grass away from the sidewalk. He let go slowly. "And tell me anything. Just let me get to know you." I nodded, scrambling thoughts in my head.  

"Well, I like the color green. I dyed my hair from brown to red. I've never had braces. Jackets and hoodies I love to wear. I prefer fall and winter over spring and summer. I love music. Uh, what else do you want to know?" I stated, staring at the branch littered ground. 

"Hold on, this hill is pretty steep." He gently took a hold of my hand. "Do you mind?" I shook my head as I squeezed his hand. The corner of his lips tugged up in a small smile as we ascended the hill. 

"Well, now I know you love the cold. Do you have any siblings?" Even with Harry's large, warm hand holding mine, I felt as if I'd been dumped in a tub of ice water. 

"Um, I had an older sister: Elizabeth." I muttered, the cold, sick feeling spreading throughout my entire body. 


"Yeah, had. She died." I focused on keeping my gaze away from Harry's. I didn't want to see the pity look people gave me whenever they knew my sister died. I didn't want their pity, and I didn't want their "I'm sorry"'s. 

"How'd she die?" He asked quietly, tugging my hand as he pulled me up the hill along with him. I bit my lip. I could lie. I could say she died from an incurable disease. Or she died in a car wreck. But what was the point? Harry would figure it out sooner or later. Lying to save my rep seemed cold; and I owed Elizabeth the truth, since I couldn't save her. 

"She was murdered." I felt Harry tense. He was quiet for a moment. 

"Did... I mean- do you know who did it?" 

"No." I lied. "I was young when it happened. All I knew was she was gone. My mom didn't let me know much." Lie. Lie. Lie. 

"I'm sorry, Amelia." There it was. I yanked my hand away, wrapping my arms around my body. 

"Don't apologize. You're acting like it's your fault, just like everyone else. It wasn't your fault." I sighed loudly. 

"I'm sorry, it's just I didn't know what else to say." Tears stung the back of my eyes. 

"Then don't say anything." I managed to choke out. Harry pulled me into a tight hug, as if he knew I needed someone right then. I kept my tears back this time, but I welcomingly buried myself in his hug. We held each other tightly, and I breathed in and out slowly to calm myself. As awkward as it sounds, Harry smelled good. His natural scent made me feel as if I was home. Harry laid his head on top of mine, and we stood like that for a while. 

"Come on, the sun is going to rise soon. I really want you to see this." He whispered in my ear, before taking my hand again. We remained quiet until we reached the top of the hill. The hill overlooked at least half of the town from a distance. Since it was slightly dark outside, the lights were still bright and shining like stars. Harry took a seat on the ground, patting the earth beside him. I sat down, pulling my knees up to my chest, resting my chin on my knees. 

"Here it comes." Harry said excitedly. A small grin appeared at his childishness. He laid his head on my shoulder as I finally saw what he had been waiting for. The sun burst over the horizon, colors of yellow and orange splashing across the sky like paint. I laid my head on top of his as we watched the sun rise over the city. 

"It's beautiful." I whispered. 

"CAUSE WE ARE BEAUTIFUL, NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY!" Harry sang in a yelling tone, right beside my ear. I shoved him for ruining the beauty, but he just laughed, and laid back in the grass. 


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