The Dangers of Falling. AU

Amelia Shades has been running from her past for awhile, and never looked back. But while running, she runs into the dashing Harry Styles. He's charming, arrogant, cheeky, and nosy; four of the things she hates. But she feels a certain tug towards him; one that makes her want to lose her nomad streak. Can Harry save her, or is she too far gone?


5. Oh No, Please God Tell Me We're Dreaming.

Mumbled voices outside the door flew in, bits and pieces able of understanding. I groaned in annoyance as my bedroom door slammed open.

"Good afternoon, sunshine!" Ian's loud, cheery voice rang in my ear drums. What was it with everyone disturbing me from my solitary confinement? All I wanted was sleep.

"Get out." I grumbled, not bothered with opening my eyes.

"I don't think so. You and I are going job hunting." Ian stated.

"No. Go away." I pulled my pillow over my head.

"Come on Ames. It's a nice day." I felt his hand shake my arm.

"Get out." I groaned, slapping his hand away. He yanked my barrier off of my head and threw it to the floor.

"Get up you lazy shit."

"No." I protested, "I am content with being a lazy shit." I gathered my blankets tighter around me, snuggling in. I was not getting up, and I was going to make it clear.

"Yes you are." Ian retorted, yanking away my comforter and sheet, my last layers of protection. The cold air that followed made me gasp. I opened my eyes slightly and gave Ian the dirtiest look I could manage in my sleepy stage. I curled up in a ball, trying to contain the last of the heat leaving my body.

"Leave me alone or I'll kick you where the sun doesn't shine." I threatened.

"She's not kidding." A deeper, male voice said from the doorway. The corner of my lips quirked up in a smile. Even with my eyes closed I knew it was Harry standing in the doorway.

"Get up." Ian demanded, ignoring my threat and Harry's comment. The only thing I hated about Ian was his cursed stubbornness and persistence. Because of that attitude, I had to do so many stupid stunts by his side just to get him to shut up and leave me alone.

"Ian Montgomery, there is no way in hell I am leaving this bed until I get a few more hours of sleep." I concluded, leaning my head against my arm.

"We'll see about that." Before I had a chance to mumble a most likely sarcastic response, I was flipped onto my stomach, and my ankles were being grasped. I let out a yelp of surprise as Ian began dragging me off of the bed. Since I wasn't the type of girl to grow my nails out, I wasn't able to grab onto anything. Not that there was anything with the capability of being held onto. I hit the floor with a thud, groaning against the hardwood. Ian bent down beside me, his smiling face appearing over mine.

"Looks like there is a way in hell." He smirked.

"Get out of my face." I snapped, shoving his face away. I rubbed my eyes as Ian laughed along with Harry. I shot Harry a dirty look from my placement on the floor.

"Nice bed head. It really fits your mustache and goatee." Harry said, rather amused. I stared at him in confusion. I looked to the side where a mirror sat at my level. I stared back at the reflection in complete and utter horror. Along with my messy and out of control hair, a marker-drawn mustache and goatee was paired with it. My face went red, and I felt the burning embarrassment flowing through me as I threw a pillow at the two boys.

"Get out!" I yelled as they howled with laughter. I shoved them out, slamming the door behind them.

"Be ready in 20!" Ian called. I huffed furiously, stomping over to the side bathroom. As I scrubbed harshly at the marker on my skin, I made myself a promise; I would have my revenge. And those two boys would get it handed to them on a silver platter.

Thirty minutes later, just to piss Ian off a little, I trotted down the stairs, my bag patting against my thigh. I was humming happily, since I had planned out the perfect plan to get Ian and Harry back while I was getting ready.

"I thought I said be ready in 20." Ian glared.

"Oops." I smirked.

"Whatever, Captain Jack Sparrow. Let’s go." He chuckled. I punched his arm and he swore at me as we got in his Jeep. I glanced back at the empty back seat.

"Harry isn't coming?" I asked, turning back to the front.

"Nah, he said he had some date to go to."

"Date?" My nose crinkled up.

"Yeah, with some blonde girl." Ian shrugged, shooting me a sideways look. "Are you jealous?"

"No, don't be ridiculous. Like I said before, strictly friends." I scoffed, crossing my arms over my chest. My mind kept wandering-- the blonde girl. I bet she was pretty. I bet she wasn't a freak. I bet she didn't have issues. I bet she was the complete polar opposite of me.

"Really? Are you sure?" Ian reached his hand out into the open air, opening and squeezing his hand shut as if he was trying to grab something. "Because I can feel the jealousy in the air."

"I am not jealous of some girl going out on a date with Harry, Ian!" I snapped finally, "It's not like we're dating!"

"But you want to." I flopped back against the seat, exasperated.

"No I don't." Ian shrugged as if he didn't believe me. "Besides, he's not my type." I grumbled.

"Sometimes I wonder what your type even is, Ames." He smiled at me.

"We're done talking about this." I sighed, reaching over and pressing a button on the stereo. Some band blared through the radio, and I changed stations till I found a song I could settle with listening to. I stayed silent during the rest of the car ride, and thankfully, so did Ian. I hardly even noticed the car stopping in a Taco Bell parking lot.

"I am not working here." I stated at first glance.

"At least fill out an application." Ian tried to reason.

"No, Ian. I hate Taco Bell, and I really don't feel like cleaning disgusting bathrooms." Ian sighed, before pulling out onto the road again. That's how it went most of the day; Ian pulling up at places I didn't like, and me rejecting each one. I had to admit, though, we were both having fun. Even though he got frustrated with me a few times, we sang along to the radio together most of the time, laughed at ridiculous jokes, and when we stopped for a break we actually got to talk.

"You're killing me, Ames." Ian muttered, jumping up on top of a Fine Burger's picnic table. I wasn't used to these 'fast-food' chains in Europe yet I took a seat next to him, taking a sip of my shake.

"Yeah, well, you're trying to kill me." I grunted.


"Right. You know I suck at roller skating, why would you even suggest me working at Fine Burger? I'd get fired right after I started. Or I'd break my neck before they even got a chance to." I glared.

"You've made a point, klutzy." Ian grinned as I shoved playfully at him. "Chip?" He asked, and I nodded, before he tossed it up in the air. I caught it with my mouth wide open, and we high fived as I stood up.

"He scores! Touchdown!" I shouted, and Ian stood up with me as we did our touchdown dance on top of the picnic table. My stomach constricted with laughter, and the happy feelings spread throughout my entire body. I never realized how much I missed having a great friend like Ian in my life-- and how great it felt to laugh consistently.

"Amelia?" I turned, a smile wide on my face. The smile fell slightly as my eyes focused on springy curls and an ancient rock band t-shirt. Harry; and sitting next to him, a beach blonde haired girl in a fedora hat with a giant horse smile. She looked a few years younger than him. Ian nudged me forward, and we both leaped off the table at the same time.

The picnic table they were at was cluttered with study books, binders, papers, and littered with burger wrappers. Harry smiled directly at me as I slid in beside Ian across from them. "What are you two doing here? Aren't you supposed to be job hunting?" Harry asked, amused.

"We decided to have a break. Every place I name, she rejects immediately." Ian explained.

"That's only because you name places I don't like." I defended, pushing my sunglasses up on top of my head. The blonde girl laughed at my retaliation, and I smiled slightly at her.

"Oh, I'm being rude. Amelia, Ian, this is Rachel." He gestured to the blonde girl, also known as Rachel, apparently. She smiled brightly, waggling her fingers a little. Ian smiled back, immediately going into 'cool-guy' mode. I rolled my eyes at what a doofus he could be around girls he found attractive.

"Sorry if we're interrupting your date." I murmured coolly, picking at the edge of my nail.

"Date?" Rachel looked at Harry, and Harry looked at me, confusion on their faces.

"Ian told me you were going out on a date." I directed my attention to Ian who was biting back a smile at his clever attempt of trying to make me admit I was jealous-- which I wasn't.

"If by date, you mean study session, then yes. Rachel is just one of the people I tutor." Rachel nodded vigorously. Harry eyed me suspiciously as I looked down, embarrassed at my false accusation.

"Well, um, Harry, I better get going. Thanks for everything." Rachel stood up, tugging a bag over her shoulder as she gathered her books in her arms. "It was nice meeting you both." She smiled oddly at us before walking to a gray Civic.

"No problem." Harry waved slightly as she got into her car. He began packing up his stuff, not mentioning a word about the somewhat awkward scenario.

"She was hot. You definitely know how to score them." Ian wiggled his eyebrows at Harry.

"She's not my type." Harry shrugged, "Besides, she has a girlfriend."

"Lesbian? That's even hotter. You should ask her if she's interested in threesomes." Ian laughed.

"Do you not have a goddamn filter, Ian? Maybe you should watch what you say and get a better vocabulary on describing girls, and maybe then they might actually want to hold a conversation with you." Both boys seemed surprised by my outburst. I stood up, disgusted as I walked back to the Jeep. Honestly, I didn't mean to be rude to Ian. All guys were that way; immature pigs that only wanted a girl for her body. That was the quote learned and lived by in my old household. I slammed the passenger door as I got in, taking out my cellphone. Of course I had no one to text or call, but I needed a distraction.

Ian was silent as he got in the car, and I was hoping my words had gotten through his thick skull. But as soon as we pulled out of Sonic, I was the one to break the ice.

"I'm sorry, Ian, I didn't mean to freak out on you like that." I murmured.

"It's fine. You were right." He admitted, keeping his eyes trained on the road. I frowned. He wouldn't look at me, a sure sign he was a little upset.

"You're still mad at me." I inferred.

"I'm not mad."

"Really? Are you sure?" I grasped the air like he did earlier. "Because I can feel the anger in the air." A small smile broke out on his face.

"Remind me to never do that move again. You just proved how ridiculous it looked." We laughed simultaneously.

"I'm going to take you to our last resort."

"And what would that be?" I rose an eyebrow.

"The diner. We're hiring. I didn't think about it until just now."

A few minutes later we were parked in front of a small, cozy-looking brown building, a wide sign above it with the place's name in black letters. "Do you object?" Ian asked, locking the car.

"No, you're honor." I joked, following him into the building. The checkered tile flattered the bright maroon walls, and the windows near the booths were open, letting in the fresh air. The few people sitting were spread out around the room, their laughter and chatter filling the room with a comfortable atmosphere. I actually liked it.

"Mia!" Ian shouted, and a head popped up from behind the bar. The girl was small, her light brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her entire face brightened as she saw who it was.

"Oh! Hi, Ian." She chirped.

"This is Amelia. Get her an application, will you?" He brushed her off, disappearing into the back. I observed her longing look as she looked after him, her face falling slightly. She turned back to me, a forced smile on her face.

"I'm Mia. You must be the famous Amelia. It's nice to finally meet you." She held out her hand, and I shook it politely.

"Ian talks about me?" I asked, chuckling nervously.

"Sometimes. He used to bring you up in old stories occasionally, but recently he's been mentioning you in present tense. He tells me you two are best friends." Mia shrugged, digging out an application. She handed it to me, and I folded it carefully, sticking it in my back pocket.

"Yeah, we are. It's been awhile since I've seen him. I just... Uh, moved here and ran into him." I lied. She nodded.

"Where'd you move here from?" She asked. Then we launched into a conversation about traveling, about herself and then a few bits about myself. She was a sweet girl- a little nosey, but she was sweet all around. Ian had yet to come out from the back. I noticed Mia occasionally kept looking back, as if she was waiting for something; or someone. I leaned in slightly.

"You like him, don't you?" I whispered, and as her head snapped back to me, her eyes widened.

"What? Ian? No." She squeaked, her eyes adverting mine.

"I see the way you look at him." I murmured. She sighed, peering down at me.

"Is it really that obvious?"

"Kind of." I shrugged, and I watched her shoulders slump in defeat, "But, it's not obvious to Ian. He's completely oblivious to girls like you."

"What do you mean girls like me?" She fiddled with the edge of her apron, a small frown forming her lips into a pout.

"Girls who actually take interest in him. The thing about Ian is he always has a thing for girls who have remotely no interest in him. It's odd, I know. But I guess he likes the chase."

"He doesn't even know I exist." She plopped down onto the stool next to mine.

"He knows you exist. I mean, he works with you. But it's like he views you as he does me-- a friend." I explained, trying to choose my words carefully. I didn't want to flat out tell the girl she wasn't in Ian's agenda; she was too frail, like a piece of glass. Ian liked girls the complete opposite of Mia. Which was sad, really.

"I guess I should give up then, huh?" Mia finally made eye contact.

"No. You just need to trust me." I grinned, and when she caught onto what I meant, she smiled back. I was officially making it my job to become the Love Doctor. But first...

"Would you mind helping me fill out this application?" Mia nodded eagerly, and I pulled it out from my back pocket. As she began explaining things, my phone rang. I rummaged through my purse for a minute before finding my phone. Harry's name popped up on my screen. I quickly pressed 'answer'.

"Hello?" I stood up, gesturing to Mia I'd be right back. I wandered a few feet away, keeping my distance so the call could be somewhat private.

"Amelia?" Harry's voice was breathless.

"Yeah?" I asked, worry taking ahold of my tone.

"I'm at the police station. They have suspects, they think they've found him."

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