Being Niall Horan's Child *Sequel to Niall's Child*

*Sequel to Niall's Child. I recommend you to read Niall's Child first.* Theo is Niall Horan's child. In "Niall's Child," Theo's wish was that his dad would stay with him forever. But when he actually does live with his father, he realizes that not everything will go the way he expected them to go.


5. The Concert

Niall's P.O.V. 

When we arrived at the concert place, I realized that Theo was asleep. I didn't want to wake him up, so I picked him up. 

Harry asked, "What are you going to do with him?" 

I answered, "I don't know... I'll have to see what he wants to do." 

Theo woke up soon enough because of the noise. 

I asked, "What do you want to do, Theo? Do you want to stay backstage or do you want to come on stage with me?" 

Theo started to cry, looking at the audience. 

"I wanna go to Mommy!!!! I wanna go to Mommy!" 

I stared at Harry, Zayn, Liam, and then Louis. Then, I stared at the audience. I sighed. 

"Theo, you can't go to Mommy right now... Can you wait a couple of hours?" 


I sighed. 

I said, "You're going on stage with Daddy, okay? Is that okay? Please, Theo... You'll meet Mommy very soon... Daddy has to work." 

Theo's face was read from crying. He didn't say a thing. He didn't seem to like that idea... 

I went on stage with Theo, safely in my arms. He wasn't crying, luckily. 

I said to the audience, "Hello everyone, this is Niall Horan... I'm here with my son, Theo... As many of you know, I got married with Nicole a month or two ago... I'm very sorry if he cries or anything... But he is very young, so I can't really do anything about it." 

We started off with the Best Song Ever. Theo stayed still. He didn't move. But there were many more songs to go. 

It was time for us to sing Diana now. Theo was behaving well so far. But kids are mysterious. You never know when they'll pop. 

Liam started off. 

The front pages are your pictures,
They make you look so small,
How could someone not miss you at all?

Theo whispered to me, "Daddy, I miss Mommy... And I'm hungry. Do you have any food?" 

I whispered back to him, "Wait, Theo... Daddy'll try to get you something after the song's over." 

It was now Harry's turn. 

I never would mistreat ya,
Oh I'm not a criminal,
I speak a different language but I still hear your call.

I began to get ready to sing. Theo tried to wiggle out of my arms. I held tight on him. If he fell off my arms right now, he'll break his arm. 

Let me be the one to light a fire inside those eyes,
You've been lonely,
You don't even know me,
But I can feel you crying,
Let me be the one to lift your heart up and save your life,
I don't think you even realize baby you'd be saving mine.

Theo was trying to cry now. It was nearly my turn to sing. I smoothed his hair and tried to calm him down. 

It was my turn now. 

It's only been four months but,
You've fallen down so far,
How could someone mislead you at all?

Luckily, Theo didn't cry. But he looked like he was about to cry. 

I whispered, "Just a couple of more minutes, Theo. Please!" 

He asked, "Are we gonna go to Mommy then?" 

I said, "No, but you can go backstage and call her!" 

He really looked like he was about to cry. Louis was done singing his part. Now we had to sing a part all together. 

Let me be the one to light a fire inside those eyes,
You've been lonely,
You don't even know me,
But I can feel you crying,
Let me be the one to lift your heart up and save your life,
I don't think you even realize baby you'd be saving mine.

After a couple of minutes, we finished the song. But Theo looked like he was about to cry. 

I said, "Hey Theo, do you want to sing? Do you want to sing with Daddy?" 

Theo's face brightened up. He loved singing. 


I asked him, "What song do you want to sing?" 

He answered, clapping his hands, "You and I! That one! I like it!" 

I sighed. I calmed him down. Finally!!! 

I told my friends, "Hey guys, is it okay if Theo and I sing You and I? I need to calm him down... I really don't want him to cry." 

Theo stared at Harry, Louis, Liam, then at Zayn, pleadingly.

They laughed and said, "Why not? Go ahead." 

I said to the crowd, "Theo says that he wants to sing You and I with me, so here we go. Please understand if he gets some of the lyrics wrong." 

I started off. I always start off at that song anyway. 

I figured it out.
I figured it out from black and white.
Seconds and hours.
Maybe they had to take some time.

I couldn't remember what came next. It wasn't my solo. I glanced at Liam. It was his part. 

He began to sing: 

I know how it goes.
I know how it goes from wrong and right.
Silence and sound.
Did they ever hold each other tight
Like us?
Did they ever fight
Like us?

I sighed with relief. Liam had saved me. Theo knew how this part went... 

You and I.
We don't wanna be like them.
We can make it 'til the end.
Nothing can come between
You and I.
Not even the Gods above
Can separate the two of us.
No, nothing can come between
You and I.

It was amazing how that little kid memorized those lyrics, but somehow, he did. I was so proud of him. He was sort of off-key, but who cares? 

His voice was so adorable. He sounded like me when I was his age.... 

The rest of the song went smoothly. Harry lost most of his parts because of Theo, but he seemed to be fine about it. 

Theo looked sleepy when the song was over, so I put him backstage. Luckily, he didn't cry. When the concert was over, I picked Theo up and went back to the hotel where Nikki was. 

It was pretty late, but Nikki was there, waiting for us. 

I told her, "Theo's a great singer.... He was behaving great today." 

Nikki took Theo from me and stared at his cute little face. 

"He's just like you, Niall... Everything... His appearance, his personality, his everything! That's why I love him so much." 

I told her, "Let's get him in his bed. I think he's very tired." 

After we put Theo in bed, we went into our own bed. Nikki wrapped her body around me. I hugged her. 

I asked her, "Do you love me, Nikki? Or did you just marry me because of Theo?" 

She answered, staring into my blue eyes, "I love you, Niall. I do. Of course I didn't marry you just because of Theo. And why did we have Theo in the first place? You need to think about that." 

I kissed her and said, "I was just checking, Nikki. I didn't want you to live with someone you don't love." 

We fell asleep. 


Hey guys, sorry I haven't been updating for ages!!! I sort of forgot about this story.... 

I promise I'll update more often.... 

I hope you liked this chapter!!! 


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