Being Niall Horan's Child *Sequel to Niall's Child*

*Sequel to Niall's Child. I recommend you to read Niall's Child first.* Theo is Niall Horan's child. In "Niall's Child," Theo's wish was that his dad would stay with him forever. But when he actually does live with his father, he realizes that not everything will go the way he expected them to go.


7. Promises

Niall's P.O.V.

I was in a bad mood. Louis had told us that there was a bit of a change in the schedule and that we won't be able to come back for five whole months.

Then Nikki called me. I was so glad to hear her beautiful voice but I realized that I'd have to tell her that she won't see me for a while.

And she was pregnant!

It's great news and everything, but I knew that I won't be able to see her and watch her belly get bigger and all of that.

Nikki sounded really sad and disappointed. But what could I do?

And now, I can't even promise her that we'll be coming back in five months.

Louis had told us that our schedule was changing rapidly.

It was just terrible. And I had to be there for my second baby.

I wondered what Theo would do when he hear the news. It would definitely not be something good.

Liam told me, "It's only five months, Niall."

Yeah. Only five months.

"Liam, Nikki's pregnant. And I might not be with her until the baby's born."

Liam said, "Oh."

He didn't have anything else to say.And I sort of didn't know if another child was "great news." What if Nikki was too busy because of the baby and didn't have any time for me and Theo? (That's really childish, I got to admit.) 

Anyway, I wasn't really exactly feeling excited. Something bad might happen. Nikki might die giving birth. 

But what I was really worried was that things wouldn't be like before. I liked how things were now. It was all peaceful and now it might all be ruined. But I had to think positive. Maybe Theo won't be so lonely anymore if he had a younger brother or sister. 


Nikki's P.O.V. 

How could it be happening? Niall would be gone for five months. What would I tell Theo? He'll be really upset. 

But I had to tell my son because if I don't, he'll bug me until I tell him. 

I called Theo, "Theo! I need to tell you something!" 

Theo came running into the room, looking excited and playing with his toys. 

He said, "What is it, Mommy? Is Daddy coming home earlier?" 

Uh oh, he was expecting me to tell him good news. 

I told him, "It's bad news, Theo. Daddy won't come home for five months." 

Theo dropped his toys. He started crying wildly. He looked so upset, sad, and angry. 

I tried to calm him down. .

"Theo, please, calm down. He'll be back soon. You can have a lot of fun with Mommy right?" 

He shook his head. He had always been sad when his father left. Even when he had left for two weeks! 

"Daddy's fun to play with! You're always busy. I want Daddy!!!!! Make him come back tomorrow!! I miss him!" 

I picked my little boy up and said, "Theo, what's Daddy's job?" 

Theo answered, "He's a singer..." 

I told him, "He needs to go on tour so that he can earn money. He's going away for you. You know how important money is, right?" 

He nodded. 

"Well, he earns the money so that we can spend it to live. Okay? Daddy won't be proud of you if you keep on whining..." 

He stopped crying. 

"Mommy? Why can't I go with Daddy? I miss him." 

I wiped his tears off his face. Should I tell him that his dad is like really famous? He should know, though. 

I said, "You won't enjoy being with him. He has to work, Theo. And I don't want you bothering him." 

He still didn't seem to understand. Of course he didn't. That was a lame excuse. But what could I tell him, then? I couldn't explain to him about the paparazzi and the fans! He's only three! 

I said, "Let's go eat something. Are you hungry?" 

He nodded. He was so much like his dad... 

I sort of wished that I didn't marry Niall. If I didn't, maybe Theo won't get his hopes up that his daddy would be with him all the time. 

But he needed a dad. And I wasn't going to divorce with Niall. I loved him. And the little baby in my stomach needed him, too. 


Theo's P.O.V. 

I hate Daddy. Why does he have to go away for such long times? Why can't he just stay with me all the time? If he can't stay with me all the time, why can't I go with him? 

It's unfair. I don't understand. I wish Daddy isn't a singer. Then, he wouldn't go away for five months. He'll always come home in the evening. 

But I didn't want to upset Mommy so much. It wasn't really her fault that Daddy was going away for so long. She looked sad, too, that Daddy won't be coming home for a long time. 

I decided to eat some food... Maybe if I fill my hungry stomach, I won't be that mad... 



Sorry I haven't been updating so often... I was having a writer's block... I'll update more often from now on... :) 

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I hope you're enjoying the book so far!! 


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