Being Niall Horan's Child *Sequel to Niall's Child*

*Sequel to Niall's Child. I recommend you to read Niall's Child first.* Theo is Niall Horan's child. In "Niall's Child," Theo's wish was that his dad would stay with him forever. But when he actually does live with his father, he realizes that not everything will go the way he expected them to go.


12. It's Time!

Nikki's P.O.V. 

So now I'm eight months pregnant... My stomach is really large... I think it's larger than when I was pregnant with Theo... Is it because I'm a little fatter than before? 

I can't really move around easily now. I stay in bed a lot. But I go down to talk with Theo and do some other stuff. 

Niall carries me downstairs every day. I'm getting really heavy so I told him to just let me walk downstairs, but he told me that it might be bad for me. 

Niall plays with Theo more these days, so I'm happy. The house is noisy most of the time. But it really gets silent when Theo and Niall leave because Niall and the boys have to do work on some songs, and do some interviews. 

I just sleep or read some books. But every day, I walk around the neighborhood with Niall to get some exercise. Louis usually takes care of Theo then. 

Niall and Theo are off to work again and I'm alone, once more. I was reading a book peacefully when I suddenly felt water dripping down. My water broke. 

I felt pain. It was worse than ever. 

I called Niall and shouted, "NIALL!!!! IT'S TIME!!!"

Niall said, panicking, "I'm coming, okay? I'll leave Theo with Louis!" 

Then he hung up. I hope he'll come soon. Or else, this baby was going to be born in this bed! My contractions were getting worse. 

I lay down on our bed, trying to calm down. But the pain was just getting worse every second. I just wanted all of this to be over! 

After about twenty minutes, Niall came running into the room. He picked me up and carried me downstairs. 

He put me in the car and said, "We'll get there in time..." 

Niall was driving so fast! And I could really tell he was nervous. His knuckles were turning white. 

I said, "Niall relax... I'm going to be... Fine!" 

I had huge contractions. My stomach was hurting like crazy. Now, it wasn't just my stomach. It was my whole body. 

After ten minutes of super fast driving, we arrived at the hospital. 

Niall carried me to the desk and said, "My wife's giving birth right now!" 

I got moved into a room and a lay down in bed, wearing those hospital clothes. 

The doctor said, "We need to get the baby out right now!" 

Niall held my hand and said, "I'll always be there for you." 

I gave him a smile. 

"I love you." 


Niall's P.O.V. 

OMG. I can't believe Nikki's giving birth right now! This is going to be the weirdest moment of my life! 

Nikki screamed for two hours straight and nothing happened. After one more hour of screaming, the head was finally seen. 

The baby was born. It was a girl!!! But Nikki's stomach was still pretty big. 

The doctor asked, "Did you know that you guys were having twins?" 

Nikki said, sweating and still in pain, "NO! IF WE ARE, GET THIS BABY OUT RIGHT NOW!" 

Five minutes later, another baby was born. But this time, it was a boy! But the problem was that the boy wasn't healthy. And so was the girl. 

So they went off for some tests. The boy had trouble breathing. 

Nikki went to sleep as soon as it was all over. I couldn't believe it. Our two little babies were sick. They were unhealthy. 

I sat down next to Nikki, trying to stay strong. This is terrible. Why did this have to happen? Why couldn't they be healthy? 

Suddenly, the boys, Theo, Perrie, and El came in. They looked excited. 

Nikki woke up because of the sound. 

She asked, "How are the babies?" 

I said, sighing, "They're unhealthy. One had trouble breathing. The other one... I don't know... Anyway, the doctors took them away for tests and some other stuff."

Nikki started to sob. 

"It's all my fault. If I wasn't so sick all the time, they would've been fine!" 

I kissed her and said, "It's not your fault, Nikki. Please don't cry..." 

El asked, "Did you guys have twins?" 

I nodded. 

"One is a boy and one is a girl." 

Perrie said, "Everything's going to be alright. Did you guys decide what their names would be?" 

Nikki and I nodded. 

Nikki said, "The girl's name is going to be Charlotte Louise Horan." 

Louis said, jumping up and down, "OH YEAH!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" 

El smiled. 

"I think Louis and I are good with girl names." 

We all laughed. 

I said, "The boy's name is going to be Luke Percy Horan. But the real full name would be Lucas Perseus Horan."

Suddenly, the doctor came in, carrying a baby. 

He said, handing the baby to Nikki, "This is the girl and we just wanted you to see her. She has leukemia." 

Nikki was shocked. Everyone was shocked. She looked like she was trying to hold in her tears for Theo. 

I asked, "What about the boy?" 

The doctor said, "He has a lot of diseases so he has to stay in the hospital... And we also found out one more thing..." 

Nikki asked, hoping it wasn't so bad, "What is it?" 

The doctor answered, sighing, "He's blind."

Everyone was so shocked. No one said anything. Nikki started to cry. She was going to blame herself all over again. 

I told Louis, "Louis can you stay outside with Theo?" 

He nodded as he went outside. 

I told Nikki, "It's not your fault." 

Nikki said, "Yes it is! I was the one that got sick so much! It's all my fault." 

She stared at Charlotte and whispered, "I'm sorry, Charlotte..." 

The doctor asked, "What's the babies' names?" 

I said, "The girl's full name is Charlotte Louise Horan and the boy's full name is Luke Percy Horan... But his real real name would be Lucas Perseus Horan." 

The doctor said, "Well, I need to take Charlotte now... And by the way, Luke may be able to come home next month. He's not as ill as Charlotte."

The doctor left the room. 

El said, "They aren't going to die... They're all going to be fine... Don't worry so much, Nikki." 

Nikki said, "At least they survived..." 

I smiled. 

"Think positively. But for now, let's let Theo and Louis in. I bet Louis is wondering what's happening." 

Nikki smiled. 

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