Being Niall Horan's Child *Sequel to Niall's Child*

*Sequel to Niall's Child. I recommend you to read Niall's Child first.* Theo is Niall Horan's child. In "Niall's Child," Theo's wish was that his dad would stay with him forever. But when he actually does live with his father, he realizes that not everything will go the way he expected them to go.


3. A Fight

Theo's P.O.V. 

A couple of weeks had changed since the "big day." Mommy and Daddy aren't acting that weird anymore. It's like they are back to normal. 

Daddy has a lot of work to do. He is at Tokyo right now. But Mommy told me that Daddy has to do a tour there and that he will be back soon. 

I don't have to go to Mommy's boring office and stay there all day. Mommy says that she isn't going to go there anymore. 

Today, when I woke up, Mommy made a big smile. 

"Theo, your father's coming home today!" 

I was excited. I quickly ate breakfast and got dressed. We were going to the airport. Mommy was wearing her best dress. 

We went to the airport and waited for ten minutes or so. Then, Daddy came out. He was with Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam. 

I ran to him. He lifted me up and tickled me. 

"How are you, sunshine? I missed you so much!" 

I laughed. 

"Great! I missed you, too, Daddy!" 

Mommy walked to us. She smiled. 

"How was the tour, Niall? I hope you had a great time..." 

Daddy said, "It was great, Nikki. And we had a lot of fun. Someday, we will have to go there together. It's really an interesting place." 

We rode the car and went back to our house. Daddy and I played with my toys and we ate lunch. 

Things are better when Daddy is around. I have someone to play with and Mommy can't boss me around that much. 

After lunch, I decided to watch Spongebob. I didn't want Daddy to get exhausted. 


Nicole's P.O.V. 

I was glad to meet Niall. Things are blank without him in the house. After lunch, Theo said that he wants to watch Spongebob. I told him to go ahead. 

Then, when Theo was gone, Niall told me, 

"I have to leave the day after tomorrow to New York. I'll be back next week." 

I stared at him. 

"But you just came back! Why can't you stay here longer?" 

Niall said, "I can take you guys with me. Theo hasn't started pre-school yet. We can go around the world together, if you want to." 

I was disgusted. Seriously? I have a home here. I know people here and I like living here. 

"I don't think so, Niall.... I like it here. I prefer to stay here. But you move around too much. You should stay home more... You are a father now and you have a family to take care of now. It's not going to be the same as before. You cant' do anything you want." 

Niall stared at me. 

"But it's my job. I need to earn money. I need to go on tours and sing. I'm a singer... What do you expect of me? I can't stay here every day like other fathers do." 

I said, "But you have a family. Can't you at least try to stay longer?"

Niall rolled his eyes. 

"Do you think I don't try my best to stay? Do you think that I don't try to be a good father? If you say yes to both of those questions, you are wrong. You don't think how I feel. I missed Theo and you. But you know that I have to work!" 

I glared at him. 

"I know that you try your best. But I just wish that you can stay here longer." 

Niall looked enraged. 

"I know you do! You told me that many times. I do, too! But can't you understand that I just want to do my work! I have a job, you know." 

I replied, "You have many jobs! But one of your jobs is to be a good husband and a father! Isn't that more important?" 


I shouted back, "So those homeless people aren't good fathers? I don't think so. You need to care about us." 

Niall crossed his arms. 

"I am leaving the day after tomorrow with Theo. You can stay here." 

I told him, "See if I care." 

Suddenly, Theo came into the dining room crying. My heart was tearing apart. But I wasn't ready to make up with Niall. 


Niall's P.O.V. 

I was angrier than ever. Nikki was basically thinking that I wasn't even close to being a good father. I try. I really do. 

When Theo came running into the dining room crying, I felt sorry for him .He didn't deserve to be in the middle of this. 

I picked Theo up and walked out of the room. I asked, 

"Do you want to go to New York with Daddy?" 

He nodded. 


Theo's P.O.V. 

Why are adults so mysterious? Mommy and Daddy were fighting. And now Daddy and I are going to New York the day after tomorrow. 

Somehow, I feel like I won't miss Mommy. I knew that it was Mommy that started the fight. 

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