The Summer Of My Life

A summer with no worries. A summer with great friends. A summer filled with enjoyment and adventure. The Summer of My Life. And every bit of it is true.


1. My Golden Age

Sixth Legion

Who remembers an event when I went outside everyday

And made up different games for my friends and I to play


Who has memories of playing different Monopoly games

Climbing trees to their top peak

Biking down sidewalk lanes

And making a pond water creek


Whose friends and I all played all day

We were like a river, going with the flow

We were all competitive as athletes,

But the rules, we all did know


Who saw images of bees attacking, interesting rocks, fish in the pond

Various insects, woodchips, peaks of trees and beyond


Who had a feeling of elation and excitement

Who were free like a birds soaring above every endeavor

Whose mood was delightful and content

Who thinks this event was the summer best summer ever


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