They Don't Know About Us

Louis fell in love with Niall the minute he saw his nervous smile as he walked on stage.
Niall fell in love with Louis the minute he heard him singing to himself late one night.
They know they have to hide their love from everyone else but how successful will they be?


2. The Midnight Singer

Niall POV

Hungry again. I roll over and look at the clock. Ten to eleven.
I groan loudly before I remember the other boys in the room. A smile spreads across my face as I remember the group I've been put into, the fans and most of all, the fact that I'm into the live stages of the X Factor. I lay there for a minute just remembering it all when my stomach rumbles loudly to remind me of my hunger. A hop out of the bed and pad into the kitchen. I pour myself some cereal and I'm sat eating it when I hear it.
I follow the noise as quietly as I can and peek around the bathroom door. Louis is stood there, watching his own reflection while he softly sings to himself. I can't work out the song and I don't try to, I just stand there listening to his voice. I never realised how beautiful his singing voice but I've never really listened to him that closely, I mostly know him because of his amazing sense of humour. I smile to myself. He begins to turn around and I run back to the kitchen, throw my bowl into the sink and rush back into bed. I lay there, trying to slow my heart beat and thinking about him, his singing. But the more I think about him the harder my heart beats. I can hear him singing again. This time I recognise the song; Look After you by The Fray. I slowly drift off into sleep, almost soothed by his voice.
I know I will dream of him.
I know I will dream of Louis Tomlinson.

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