Dont forget (Harry Styles fanfiction)

"There's a saying that goes, if you love someone you should set them free, if they don't come back it wasn't meant to be, but it looks like it was, because I've been given a second chance" ~ Harry Styles.


1. Prologue

*Harry's P.O.V*

- 14 years old -

The sound of the frozen snow below my feet crunch as I chase after Brea. We were in the woods, Brea wanted to look for pine cones to use for her art project. She was one of the most talented and artistic people I knew, I admired her for it. Brea wasn't like most girls, I know that's what most lads would say, but with Brea, she wasn't afraid of saying what she felt, she didn't care what people thought about her. She flew through life happily, with no problem whatsoever. She was a selfless person, she did more for others than she did for herself.

I was suddenly knocked out of my thoughts by Brea waving her hand in my face. I hadn't even realised that I stopped chasing after her.

"What's up Styles, can't keep up?" Brea Smirked.

I chuckled at her response and pulled her closer to me while wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Oh, you bet I can" I said while licking my lips.

You see Brea and I, we have a mature relationship, yeah we are only fourteen years old but we have been serious since we were twelve, you could say if you saw us around, we'd look like a happy older couple, but we did have an immature side to us.

I kissed Brea with so much passion that she giggled into the kiss, as we separated out of the kiss Brea poked my nose and ran away again. As I ran after her through the woods I noticed something about the ground. It was no longer icy snow on grass, it was wood. We were running on a mine shaft. I froze on my spot.

"Brea stop!" I shouted, panicking.

As soon as I shouted Brea turned around looking at me with concern. I gestured her to come back and she agreed, as soon as she started to walk back the wooden shaft collapsed along with Brea with it. As soon as I heard her scream I ran after her panicking.

As I look down from the mine shaft I see Brea unconscious at the bottom.

I quickly took my phone out and called 999, and waited for the ambulance. That's when I realised tears streaming down my face.

"Please be okay Brea, please be okay" I whispered.


It's been 4 hours. I impatiently tap my foot on the hospital floor, I need guidance, I need updates why aren't they telling me anything.

I'm currently sitting next to Brea's parents, you see since Brea's sisters age difference is quite a big gap from Brea, her parents are a bit older than mine. But Brea doesn't care about age, she loves her parents regardless.

I look up to see a doctor standing in front of us, he gives us a sad concerned smile before telling updating us.

"Good evening, you are Brea's parents I'm assuming?" The doctor asks, as Mr and Mrs Darling nods.

"Can you just get to the point" I say with no emotion in my face whatsoever.

My heart shattered when the doctor spoke up.

"Well it seems that Brea has just woken up, but from the severe head injury Brea is suffering amnesia, this is a rare case of amnesia and it seems that Brea only remembers up to the age of eight. We have asked her questions and we have given her aware on what has happened, we are not sure when or if she'll regain her memory but this could be permanent or could last for a period of years, I'm very sorry."

That means she won't remember me, those past six years I gained her trust and all those memories. Gone.

"Can I see her?" I asked barely speaking out loud.

I didn't even wait for an answer before i waltzed into the room. When I seen her my heart literally broke into two. She was sleeping, though you could tell that she wasn't comfortable. I carefully adjusted her pillow making her a little comfortable.

"I know you don't know who I am, heck I don't even know who I am anymore, but I know I love you, and I know that you love me too. I know this is hard for me but I need to let you go, I'm not fine with involving you into my messed up life again, but hopefully one day you'll remember who I am and maybe we can start , I'll never forget you Brea Rosie Darling." I whisper with tears forming into my eyes.

I quickly wipe my eyes and kiss her forehead before standing up and walking out of the door. As soon as I see Brea's parents again a cough before interrupting there conversation.

"Mr and Mrs Darling, this is the hardest thing in my life that I'm doing and I hope you will understand, but if Brea asks how she got amnesia, please tell her that she was with you, I can't let her go through my complicated life again, I know it broke her once, I don't want her involved again, I want her to be happy, so I'm letting her go, I hope you understand, you guys are really important to Brea and I know you would want her to be happy" I say sadly

The darlings nod while giving me a warm hug. I sobbed into Mrs Darlings chest.

"You are Brea's everything Harry, you were perfect for her, hopefully she will remember sometime in the future, because I'd want her to happy, with you because I know she was before the accident. Thank you Harry" Mrs Darling spoke softly.

I quickly break out of the hug and slowly walked out of the hospital, walking right out of the love of my life's life.


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