She's the one

Zayn was crowded with a mob of fans when he caught contact with a girl that he would never forget. He saw her again, where does it go from there...


6. Second Date

Zayn had driven me to some sort of studio. 'What are we doing here?' I asked. 'I want you to meet the rest of the guys' he replied with a huge smile on his face. He put his arm around me and took me to where the boys were. 'Guys there is someone I would like you to meet' said Zayn. The boys turned around and looked at me.

'This is Maya' said Zayn. 'Hello Maya' said Niall in a cute Irish accent. 'Nice to meet you Maya' said Liam an Louis. 'So this is the girl Zayn has been talking about non stop' said Harry winking at Zayn.

Zayn took me into another room and said 'so what are your first impressions on the boys?' 'They all seem really nice guys' I replied. Zayn grabbed me by the hips and pulled me close to him so that our faces were inches apart. He said to me 'I really like you Maya', I replied 'I feel the same way'. He pushed his lips against mine softly and we kissed for about 2 minutes until Harry came I and told Zayn it was time to go. Zayn said to me 'I'll come by your house later babe.' I replied 'can't wait'.

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