Been There Done That

Abi, a 17 year old girl trying to make it in the world of media, auditions for The X Factor. Soon she realises that not everything is easy in life. Will she be able to face the challenges that come with entering the competition? Or will she back to her old, lazy ways?


1. Introduction

Hi! I'm Abi. I'm 17 and I live with my mum in Birmingham. I'm an only child. It has it's good and bad points. I mean, I've never had to share a room (or anything really) but I never have anybody to talk to. My mum is the best though. Especially since my dad left.

I love music and all things like that. My mum encouraged me to start singing and playing the piano and guitar.

Anyway, I'm auditioning for The X Factor in two days and I'm starting to get really nervous. There are so many people exactly like me. They can probably sing, dance, play the piano and guitar and then they can probably play some really cool instrument - like the oboe! And then there's me. I've got nothing.

My mum thinks I'm amazing but I guess she has to. Being my mum and all.

I'm still really excited though! I love Nicole Scherzinger! She is so funny. If I get through to Judges' Houses I'd love to be in her category.

I've just realised how unprepared I am. I don't even know what I'm going to sing, let alone wear! Aaaaaah! I need to find my lucky guitar pick!

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