❁How long can someone pretend to hate the one person they love?❁



  I was so into my painting that I jumped when I felt something on my cheek. I heard people laugh. I looked over and saw Niall, Harry, and Louis laughing. Harry held up his paintbrush which had red paint just like the one that was on my cheek now. 

  "They are so immature." Danielle said. 

  Eleanor smiled and looked over at our teacher. He was looking at a guys painting. Eleanor grabbed the bag of glitter and threw it at them. All three guys were covers in glitter. We laughed. 

  I was hit by a sponge on the face. Ew!!! Gross! I looked at Harry and saw the sponge he had even using to spread the paint on his paper was missing. He smirked at me. I smirked back. Oh it's so on Curly. 

  I was about to throw my jar of paint at Harry's face when the school wide speaker came on. 

  "Students go to your rooms and lock your doors. Don't come out until-" Our headmasters voice was cut of by a loud bang and we heard through the speakers like someone was having a struggle. A voice none of us recognized came on. "Nobody move from where you are. This is hostage situation. If anybody moves they will be in a lot of trouble." Our teacher Mr. Jefferson ran to lock the classroom door but he was to late. Two men with guns walked in. 

  You could see the panic in everybody's eyes. Criminals had somehow gotten into our school and now we were all being kept hostage. Danielle and Eleanor turned and looked at me. I gulped.


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