❁How long can someone pretend to hate the one person they love?❁


2. Just Another Normal Day

1. A Normal Morning


A Few Days Ago....


  "Get them out!" 

  "I am going to kill them!" 

  "Omg there's one in my bed!" 

  "It licked my face!" 

  I saw frogs hoping all over the place. All the girls were freaking out except me and my friends. They know frogs don't kill don't they? I stomped over to the guys rooms and banged on all their doors. Harry and Louis room was the first to open. 

  "What's all the screaming about love?" Harry asked. 

  "I am not gonna take all these frogs out! You better find a way to do it yourself before Clora comes." I said. 

  His eyes widened. "Clora isn't coming today!" He said. "Today's...." 

  "Friday and she always comes on Fridays to change the sheets of the rooms." I said with a smirk. "You are gonna be so   dead if she gets to our house and sees all of these frogs jumping around." 

  "It took my slipper!" 

  "Ahh! It's on my head." 

  Harry ran out the room with Louis behind him. They started trying to get all the frogs. 

  Clora was the lady that was in charge of cleaning our house. Here, in Fame Academy, there were fifteen houses. About 25 students lived in each house and there were boys and girl combined except the little kids. The houses were pretty big and two story. The girls had to share with one or two people and same for the boys. Clora was a pretty nice lady but she knew about the pranks we all pulled on each other, especially our house. She warned us that if she came and saw a prank taken to far she was gonna make the people that did it clean the whole house and believe me you do not wanna have cleaning duty. People will take advantage of you and make a mess cause they know you'll have to clean it up. 

  "Ew it took my lip gloss!" 

  "My earrings!" 

  "Will you stop complaining and shut up!" I yelled at all the girly girls complaining downstairs. I walked into my room and grabbed my uniform. I'm not gonna be late to class cause Harry and his friends decided to pull a prank today when Clora was suppose to come. I looked at the time. 5:30 a.m. Classes start at 7:00 a.m. sharp and if your late you have to stay an hour after classes. Danielle walked into the room and a frog followed her in before she could close the door. I grabbed it and threw it back out. 

  "Everyone's running around downstairs." She said. "Well all the guys. Boy they are gonna be in so much trouble when Clora gets here. Most of the girls are locked in their rooms crying about how 'The frogs are so ugly!' I swear they are so annoying. Why did we get stuck in the house with all the annoying slutty girls?" 

  "Because we have bad luck." I said. "Hurry and get ready. I'm not gonna be late because Harry doesn't think before he acts. And I don't wanna be here when Clora sees the mess downstairs." 

  Danielle laughed. 

 I went and took a shower in the restroom me and Danielle shared then changed into my uniform. You could say the uniform wasn't that bad. It was a white button up shirt with a tie and blazer and a blue skirt. The guys had to wear the same except that they wore blue skinny jeans not skirts. Haha imagine guys wearing skirts.... 

  Anyways I walked outta the restroom so Danielle could take a shower and change. I could still hear girls freaking out downstairs. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my gray flats. I blow dried my hair and it turned wavy. I didn't do anything to it except brush it. The room door opened and Eleanor ran inside followed by Perrie and finally Annalise or as she likes to be called Anna or Annie. They closed the door behind themselves. 

  "What's up?" I asked. 

  "Nothing we just wanted to see if you guys were ready." Perrie said. 

  All three of them were already ready for school. Danielle walked outta the restroom with her uniform on. She grabbed her shoes and brushed her hair. She did her make up and turned to us. "Done!" She said. 

  We grabbed our school bags and walked outta the room. I locked the door before leaving. Clora has the key anyways. I am not taking any risks of Harry sneaking into my room and putting something in my bed. Not after the worm incident. 

  We walked downstairs and saw the guys still trying to get the frogs. They were all going to be late and if they told the professors 'We were late because frogs were jumping around our house.' They were gonna get detention for two weeks. Detention sucks. They make you write essays about dumb stuff. I've only had detention once and I almost died of how boring it was. Seriously! I think one day they are gonna kill a student of boredom. Anyways we walked into the kitchen and saw girls standing on the tables meanwhile guys tried getting the frogs but failed miserably. 

  I was not having breakfast here. Hell no! We walked back out of the kitchen and headed to the front door. Once we were outside we saw Clora walking towards the house. We quickly hid and ran off. Everyone inside was sooooo extremely dead. 

  "Come on let's go grab something from the campus cafeteria before classes!" Anna said.



  The guys got a whole speech from Clora. She was mad! No furious that they brought frogs into our house. She made them take them all out and since they were late to class they had detention. They probably weren't coming back to the house till a bit less than an hour. All the girls were taking advantage that none of the guys were home. I just left my stuff in my room then ran back out of the house still in my uniform. I was in a hurry to get to a place that I just love and haven't been there in awhile. I ran all the way. 

  I stopped next to the lake. It was so pretty here. I was in the forest next to the school. I loved the outdoors. I had found this place a few weeks after coming to Fame Academy. I usually came here when I needed to think or be alone. I hadn't told anyone about it. It just feels like this is my place. I can just relax and not worry when I come here. Nobody's looking, nobody's judging what you do, nobody's bothering you. It's just peaceful and quiet. 

  I just sat there in the grass next to the lake with my shoes off for awhile. I didn't really keep track of time. I didn't realise it was late until the sun started to set. I was about to put my shoes on when someone walked outta the trees. I almost got a heart attack until I saw who it was. He laughed. 

  "You scared me!" I yelled.. 

  "Sorry." Harry said. "Your friends are looking for you. They are worried and I had a feeling you were here."  

  I stood up from the grass. "Let's go then." I said and walked passed him. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back. 

  "Can I trust you?" He asked suddenly very serious. 

  I was taken a back. "What?" I asked wondering if I heard right. 

  "Can I trust you Bree?" Harry asked. 

  "Umm....sure. I guess." I said. 

  "Follow me." He said. 

  "Look Harry if this is another of your stupid tricks I'm gonna-" Harry cutt me off. 

  "This isn't a trick Breanne." He said. "Just trust me." 

  "Well that's hard to do when we don't get along....." I mumbled but he heard me. 

  "But we used to. A few years ago we used to get along great." Harry said. 

  "Fine but it better not take long because its getting late and we are gonna get locked outta the house. It's cold and I'm not gonna sleep outside for the-Hey wait up!" I ran after Harry. 

  A few minutes later we walked outta the trees and I saw a river. It was pretty. Harry walked over and sat down on a rock looking down at the water flowing. I walked over and sat on the rock next to him but was ready to make a run for it any second. It was dark now and there could be wild animals here. I don't wanna get eaten by one! 

  "I come here when I'm mad or just need to be alone and think." Harry said. "You see that shack over there?" He pointed to a small shack. 

  "Yeah." I said. 

  "I have sleeping bags, food, water and anything I could possibly need there. It's my own private place." Harry said. 

  "Why did you bring me here?" I asked. Harry and I have been arguing for the past few years all the time and fighting. Now he was showing me his own private place. There was something wrong here. 

   Harry jumped off the rock and he helped me down since I was wearing a skirt. He grabbed my hand and lead me to the shack. I walked inside and it looked like a room. 

  "I don't know." He walked around it looking at different objects in here. "I don't know why I'm showing you this place when we don't get along. I guess I was tiered of keeping it a secret. Not even Louis knows about it and he's my best mate." 

  I looked around at the place. It looked clean which meant he spent a lot of time here. I saw something shiny on the floor next to the wall. I walked over and picked it up. 

  "Is this...." Harry walked over and looked at what I had found. 

  He smiled like he was remembering something nice. "Yes it's the necklace you gave me." He took it from my hand and I tried ignoring the butterflies in my stomach when his fingers brushed against my hand. "Isn't it funny how I still have it after all this time? It probably doesn't mean anything anymore to you." He held the necklace on his palm like it was something that might break any second. 

  "Harry...." I didn't know what to say. I mean what was there to say...."I think we should go back. It's getting late and I need to do some homework and...." 

  "Yeah. Let's go!" He said suddenly cheerful. He put the necklace in his pocket and walked towards the door. I followed him out and waited for him to lock it. 

  The sky was dark now. We hadn't been in there long....had we? Danielle was probably not going to be happy. She's like the mother of my group of friends so I wasn't looking forward to hearing her speech about not staying out late. 

  I followed Harry back the way we came and it seemed to take longer. He didn't say anything and neither did I. I could see his curly hair looking good as always as I stared at the back of his head. I was tempted to touch it and see if it was as soft as it used to but I didn't. He would think I was weird if I did. 

  "Do you ever think about the past?" Harry's voice startled me since we had been walking in silence for so long. 

  "What?" I asked as I felt my heart start slowing down to its normal pace. 

  "The past? Do you ever think about it?" He asked turning to take a glance back at me. His bright green eyes looked at me with curiosity. 

  "Not really." I lied. I wasn't going to tell him I thought about the past everyday of my life! How I wish it had been different. "Do you...?" 

  "Yes." He said as we saw our house up ahead. "I think about it all the time. How easy everything was back then. Everyone was young and innocent and the worst problem anyone could have was getting a bad grade. There was no drama back then. Do you ever wish it was like that again?" 

  "Sure. Life is always easier when your a child. But you have to grow up eventually and choices have to be made." I said. "Life isn't always what you expected. It comes with surprises." 

  He stopped when he reached the front door. He was blocking the door by standing there so I couldn't go in. He turned and looked at me. "Do you still have it?" He asked. 

  "Have....what?" I was confused. 

  "The necklace I gave you." He said. "Do you still have it Breanne?" 

  "No." I answered trying not to let him see past my barrier. I couldn't let him see all the feelings running through me at this moment. He looked hurt. "I don't have it. It doesn't mean anything to me anymore because when you gave I too me it probably meant nothing to you. Can I go in now? It's cold and I have things to do." 

  Harry moved to the side and I opened he door. I stepped in but swore I heard him say. "But it did mean something to me...." I saw some of my house mates in the kitchen probably having diner. I went up the stairs and to my room. 

  "Where have you been Bree?" Louis asked, with a smirk on his stupid face, as I walked past his room. "Have you been a naughty girl?" 

  "Shut up Tomlinson." I said and opened my room door. I slammed it closed behind me and Danielle looked up from her book. 

  "Bree-" Before she could go into a speech I cut her off. 

  "I'm not in the mood Danielle. I just want to relax." I sat down on my bed. Danielle seemed to notice my mood so she stood up and grabbed some clean clothes and headed to our restroom. 

  She looks back at me before going in. "When you want to talk just tell me." She said and closed the door. I heard the water turn on a minute later. 

  I took of my shoes and blazer and threw them on the floor I laid in my bed staring at the ceiling. When Danielle came out of taking a shower that's how she found me. When Eleanor, Perrie and Anna came to say goodnight that's how they found me. Three hours after Danielle turned off her light I was still laying there. 

  I finally got up from my bed at around three in the morning and grabbed some clean clothes and took a warm shower. Everyone was probably asleep already so I tried not making noise. I brushed my hair once I was in my sleeping attire and walked out of the restroom. I took the covers of my bed and sat down on it. 

  I grabbed my jewellery box from my beside table and opened it. I looked for the one thing that I couldn't get rid of when I came to this school. I took out the gold hear shaped necklace from the person I pretended to hate everyday and argued with but I still couldn't let go. I put it on and laid in my bed and turned off the light falling asleep to memories from the past.

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