My life with 5 boys i love

What would you do if you were walking down the street, and run into your 5 idols? Find out what Rose does when this happens to her.


1. Work…or not…

Rose POV

Written in these walls are the stories that i cant explain," my alarm clock sang. " uggghhh!!!! Another crappy day at work." Don't get me wrong, i love working at Nandos, its just sometime work gets a little boring. I turned my alarm off turned the shower on, undressed myself and got in. As my usual self i started singing one direction, my idols:

Lately i found myself thinking

Been dreaming about you a lot

Up in my head im your boyfriend

But thats one thing youve already got.

He drives to school every morning

While i walk alone in the rain

He'd kill me without any warning

If he took a look in my brain!!

Would he say hes in LOVE?

Well if it was me than i would i would

Would he hold you when your feeling low

Baby you should know i would i would

Back in my head we were kissing

I thought things were going alright

With a sign on my back saying kick me

Reality ruined my life

Feels like im constantly playing

A game that im destined to lose

Cause i cant compete with your boyfriend

He's got 27 tattoos!!

Does he say he's in LOVE

Well if it was me then i would i would

Does he hold you when your feeling low

Baby you should know i would i would

Before i could finish the song my phone started blaring "best song ever" i ran out of the shower grabbed a towel and answered the phone. Great it was my boss Jeff(note the sarcasm)

(J-jeff r-rose)

r- hello


R- sorry!! I…ummmm....

Great couldnt think of an excuse

R- had an important family meeting and didnt have the chance to call in to tell u i was late …

Lets hope this excuse works. Jeff is gullible but he is strict.

J- okay sorry… you dont have to come into work today if its really important.


R- thanks

J- okay. Just tell me if anything os so important that you cant come to work next shift.

R- okay i will.

Since i had nothing to do, i decided to take a quick drive to Starbucks and get a salted caramel hot chocolate.

******~skip trip to Starbucks~*****

After my drive to Starbucks, i decided to have a Harry Potter movie marathon.

I got a big bag of popcorn, a 2-liter coke bottle, a plastic cup for the coke, a blanket, and of course, all the Harry Potter movies.

~~~~~~~~*5 hours later*~~~~~~~~~~

I finally finished my marathon and decided to go on a walk. I grabbed my sweatshirt and headed out the door.

I was walking and i wasn't paying attention so i ran into someone. Your not going to believe who that someone is......

A/N: ohhhhhhh… cliffhanger!!!! Btw at the end of every chapter there will be a cliff hanger and an authors note. Anyways you can go back to reading. I don't like wasting a whole page for authors notes.

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