My life with 5 boys i love

What would you do if you were walking down the street, and run into your 5 idols? Find out what Rose does when this happens to her.


3. fired?!?!?

We just finished lunch and we heard a loud knock on the door....

I went to open the door and saw my boss standing there with a very angry look on his face.

J i thought you had a family problem?!?! I gave you the rest of the day off to meet with your family but all you do is invite your....

He trailed off

J wait these are the boys you always talk about. Your 'future boyfriends' well anyways you invite your boyfriends in and decide to chat it up while i work and keep an i on the restaurant!!!!

R je-

He didnt let me finish he yelled "your fired!!!!!"

R d-did he just f-f-fire me??

H ummm yeah…

N where did you work?

R N-nandos

N awes- i mean he shouldnt have fired you.

R great what am i gonna do??? I have to pay my rent for the apartment today and i was going to get my paycheck tomorrow!!

Li bu-

R i am allowed to pay rent a day or two late

Li oh

R now what will i do?? You know what i am going to start packing all of my stuff. Boys you can stay or do whatever i have to get ready to leave.

L your not going anywhere…

R what do you mean??

L well while you were talking about how you needed to pay rent i texted simon and asked if we could have an extra carrot on tour and he said sure.

R OMG!!!!! Thanks lou!! But what about my stuff.

L now thinking of it pack your bags and all of your belongings you are moving into our house with us in London!!!

L now thinking of it pack your bags and all of your belongings you are moving into out house with us in London!! Do you think rose will take the offer or turn it down considering all she did was invite them in her house after ramming into them and they are offering a permanent home and accompany them on tour?!!

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