Who Will U Choose??????

This is a story about a 19 year old girl, Sasha, she is a singer and actress and is also the most beautiful and hottest teenager as of 2013.....she gets to experience the life as Justin Biebers girlfriend and how much he loves her.....but that might not end as well as planned..... as her previous school, (since she is famous she doesnt go to college) is taking her whole class to Paris for a trip and all the boys in her class are in line to be her boyfriend including her ex........Find out will this effect their relationship or will they be hottest couple?????? Will she cave back to her ex or will they play the jealousy game????


2. Surprise!!


Justin's P.O.V

I was really missing Sasha.So i thought i would text her....Everything was going fine until she brought up the topic of CUT GUYS IN HER PLANE.....I just hate it when she talks about other guys...I have had a crush on her since forever she is just like perfection...I love her sooo much but i just cant tell her thinking that she might not love me as boyfriend and only love me as a best friend...This pain is killing me....I WANT TO TASTE HER LIPS SOOO BAD....so i got a surprise for her......

And Now:

Justin's P.O.V

I just texted Sasha and i thought to myself that i needed to get her before any other guy does....So i thought of a surprise for her...i thoought since she is going to paris i could go there at her hotel and surprise her....and i had an advantage to that cause her manager was also Scooter Braun well since we share the same manager i could maybe convince him into making Sasha the opening act of my tour...and i could change a few dates of my tour until she finishes hers and everything will go fine from there....but as always my thoughts were interupted by idiots which in this case was Ryan , Chaz , Jaden and Fredo...(Ryan=R Chaz=C Justin=Jayy Jaden=J)


Jayy :" Soooo?????"

C :"I thought u brought us here so we could have fun....come on lets do something"

J :"Dude ur always busy cut some slack"

Jayy :"Well u could do something but its kind of like help???"

R :"Just tell us already"

Jayy :" So ryan and chaz u know that girl i always talk about ,Sasha,sooo i kind of love her alot but she doesnt know so i plan on surprising her in her hotel....and i need help planning everything...COULD U PLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE HELP???????"

R:"First of all yes i know her...and of course we will help"


So i just told Ryan Chaz and Jaden my plan and they all agreed but i was kind of worried cause i once over heard ryan and chazs conversation about sasha and the way they talked about her it was like they had this huge crush..but ofcourse all boys love her...so i hope the plan works out




I want to apoligise to all those people who read my book and right now are very pissed at me but i am sorry from the bottom of my heart that i didnt update and just got cought up on my school work and then there were exams so i was very tired and i didnt hav much time...i hope to update alot now but pls forgive me and read...i know not very good chapter but the next ones will be nice if ur a fan of teasing guys...oh and can u pls comment and let me know who u want sasha to look like

A) Ashley Benson

B) Selena Gomez

C) Sasha Pieterse


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