*Entry for the Divergent Fan Fiction Contest. Cover by River_Summers* During her mission to stop the Bureau, Tris doesn't die and still manages to succeed. Now that their memories have been erased, what are Tris and Tobias to do? *2013. I own nothing.


1. Tris

A/N: It's been awhile since I've read Allegiant, so please let me know if I missed any details or got anything wrong. And of course I don't own Divergent; Veronica Roth does. I just have fun playing around with her characters ;)


The death serum’s aroma immediately attacks my lungs, and I can feel my body trying to reject its poison. It’s so difficult trudging through it, and I feel like I can’t keep going. I have to stop.

But I can’t stop—I have to keep moving. I have to do this. I have to stop the Bureau, before they destroy everything I know and love.

I go further and further, until, finally, I see the door. Only a few steps are left. I’m almost there. I feel my hands reaching for the door, pulling them open, letting myself in the room—

But someone else is here.

“Don’t move.” It’s David. He’s sitting in the wheelchair, but something is different—there is a gun in his hand. “Hello, Tris.”

I stop moving. How could I have not seen this coming? How could I have been so unprepared?

“How did you inoculate yourself?” David demands, catching my attention. He’s still holding the firearm towards me. 

I stare at him; the danger of the situation has made my body numb. “I didn’t,” I admit.

“Don’t be stupid,” David snaps. “You can’t survive the death serum without an inoculation, and I’m the only person in the compound who posses that substance.”

All I can do is stare at him, because I know I’m not lying, I know that this is true, and there is nothing more to add.

“I suppose it no longer matters,” David says, changing the subject. “We’re here now.”

“What are you doing here?” I say. My body feels weak, paralyzed. Although the death serum wasn’t killing me, it was making me weak. 

“I knew something was going on,” David says. “You’ve been running around with genetically damaged people all week, Tris, did you think I wouldn’t notice?” He shakes his head, almost as if in disapproval. “Your friend Cara was caught trying to manipulate the lights, but she very wisely knocked herself out before she could tell us anything. So I came here, just in case. I’m sad to say I’m not surprised to see you.”

“You came here alone?” I say. “Not very smart, are you?” I want to keep him talking. Him being here has set my plan back; I need time to figure out what to do now.

David’s eyes narrow. “Well, you see, I have death serum resistance and a weapon, and you have no way to fight me. There’s no way you can steal four virus devices while I have you at gunpoint. I’m afraid you’ve come all the way for no reason, and it will be at the expense of your life. The death serum may not have killed you, but I am going to. I’m sure you understand—officially we don’t allow capital punishment, but I can’t have you surviving this.”

Of course he thinks I’m here to steal the weapons that were meant to reset the experiments instead deploy one of them. 

I shake my head at him. “I didn’t come here to steal anything, David,” I say, and The gun goes off, but I quickly dodge the bullet. It shoots off in another direction, but I can’t see where it’s gone. I don’t have the time.

While David’s briefly distracted, I set myself on the chair. Caleb’s voice enters my head, repeating the code for Matthew. Hands shaking, I type the numbers in the keyboard.

The gun goes off again, but I jump from the machine to evade the attack. It nearly hits me this time, only missing by a few inches. I can feel my heart racing faster, but I have to control myself. Only one code left.
My hand slams on the keyboard, and I see a light turn on. From the corner of my eye, I see David slump into his chair. I sigh of relief.

I did it. It’s all over. It’s finally over. 

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