Stuck In My Head


1. On My Way

I brought the last box to the trunk of my car. I wouldn't trust the movers with this one. I have a bad past with moving trucks. They always lose my personal stuff or damage them. In this box laid old pictures and song writing sheets. Today would be the day I would be leaving New York for a whole new life down in South Carolina. Before I closed the cardboard box, I took out a couple new song writing sheets and placed them in a back pack. I looked outside my foggy window to see my best friend Lilly. She heard my footsteps coming towards her and already had her arms wide open for a hug.

Tears rushed down my face, she held me tighter. "I will miss you so much." I said , sounding like I was out of breath. "Please come and visit. You always have a place in my home and my heart. " Lilly pleaded trying to hold in all the tears. I let go of her and wiped my face. "Well, I guess this is goodbye." I said sniffing. "No, it's simply a see you later." She said to me with a little giggle, yet crying at the same time. My home looked so empty, nothing was left but Lilly and I. My hands didn't want to pick up the moving box, but it did anyways. We gave a look into each others watery eyes. I dropped my box and slipped off my backpack to hug her again.

Lilly stayed at my house for an extra 45 minutes until we had to leave for South Carolina. We sat on the steps talking about old memories we had together and I showed her what my house would look like. "Wow you and Sam won't have to share a bathroom! How many stories will your house be?" Lilly asked me. "Three." I replied. "Plus the basement." Her eyes widened so big. My mom came in through the front door. "It's time." she said. I looked at Lilly and said to her, "See you Later." She gave me a smile and looked back down. She followed me out the door. I walked towards my moms car. I placed the box in the trunk and looked back at Lilly. We waved goodbye and I moved into the car.

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