Stuck In My Head


2. New Home, New Life.

The whole car ride to South Carolina, I was trying to find the right lyrics to a song. I tried for hours, but I couldn't find words that clicked. We were almost there. I could tell because I saw my mom slowing down, and pointing at the beach. "Why don't you and Sam take a look at the boardwalk tonight?" insisted my mom. "Maybe." I replied.

My dad and my sister Sam have been at my new home for 1 month, fixing it up so it would be ready for when we moved in. Sam told me all week how amazing our house is, maybe it would be perfect if Lilly was there. We passed a bunch of boys playing beach volleyball. I raised my eyes brows, I couldn't resist staring. "Yeah, I think I could talk to Sam about the boardwalk. She will probably be in for it." I said. Normally, I'm not the romantic, lovey dovey type. That's more like my sister. These boys though, they were beautiful.

Our car was slowing down into a drive way of this big house. "Are you sure this is the right place? This didn't look like it in the pictures." I said with a confused tone. "Yes, Shey. This is the right place." My mother replied. All I could think of was where did all this money come from to buy a house like this?

Our house was very big and white. It was like a surfers castle. I ran up to the deck to see my father waiting for me. I sprinted up the wooden stairs and threw the screen door open. "There is my baby Shey!" My arms wrapped around him, squeezing him until he couldn't breathe. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran inside to see my older sister.

I didn't see Sam, but the first thing that I laid my eyes on were huge windows with brown drapes on both sides of it. I smudged my face against the glass and looked out to see the beach. A beautiful, private beach where I could lay in the sand and write songs. I heard Sam walk down the stairs. "Isn't this place beautiful?" she said. "Yeah, beyond beautiful." I replied. I sat down on our white sofa, that stood right of the windows. "Go take a look at the rooms." said Sam.

I dashed to the upstairs and took a peak inside the first bedroom I saw. Obviously, it was Sam's because I saw her old grey uggs sitting next to her bed. Her bedroom was Rose Pink. It was nice and clean.The dressers and the tables were bright white. I walked all the way to the end of the hallway to a room. I opened the door and found my dream room. It was painted a color that was a mixture of yellow and green.

My dressers were filled with new clothes. I guess my mom thought one step ahead, my old clothes that I wore in New York wouldn't look well here. I slipped on a Hollister tank top along with a pair of jean shorts. I was trying to dress like my older sister so I would fit in. I picked out my grey vans, and brought them down stairs. Sam just looked at me laughing.

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