Secrets (Sequel to Projects Partners)


16. The train station

One Direction's song was playing in the train station it was Don't Forget Where You Belong. Since I have been through so much with them all I couldn't listen to it before. Before it was just a amazing song that I would fangirl over but now, now it's a song that means so much to me, a song that sends me into hours of endless thoughts and sadness. I was sat on a black bench waiting for the train I was 2 hours early, I had a very long wait ahead of me. The song played and I cried, silently so people around me hardly noticed me.apart from one boy, my age, with a group of friends. They were oblivious to me but he stared at my crying self. I stared back at him until the boys then noticed what their distant friend was staring at, me. They knocked him out of his daydream and he looked away as did I. They joked about for a while and then pushed him towards me. "Are you okay?" He asked me. Was he blind. Of course I'm not okay. Let me tell you something about me, if I'm really not in the mood you better be careful what you say to me because if I'm mad, I'm crazy mad. I would probably kill someone if they annoyed me that much in one of my moods. "Obviously I'm not, are you blind?" I said back to him. His friends had heard and were making those 'oooo' sounds people do, which is incredibly annoying. I shot them a dirty look and they soon shut up. "I'm sorry it's just I couldn't help notice you were crying, were you crying at the song." Well he didn't read my mind at all. He must have some strange super power and he goes around saving people with his mind reading skills. Of course I'm being sarcastic. "Yes I was." I told him and then he recognised me. "You're that girl that has been living with them, what are you doing here." He asked shocked. His friends started to stare at me and their jaws dropped, obviously everyone knew about me, we'll this is great. Note the sarcasm. "I don't even now your name, I'm not going to really share personal information like that with you now would I, even if your the nicest person in this train station." I told him. He chuckled. "I'm Michael." He handed his hand out to me and I took it in mine shaking it. "I'm-" "Amy, I know." He said and I giggled. Michael had dark hair with blonde on the tip of his quiff. Then I realised it was Michael, from the band M.A.D. I kept my discovery to myself. "So why are you here?" He asked me. "Can you keep a secret?" I asked him and looked around. He nodded. I breathed out to calm my self. His friends were still looking I then realised it was Dan and Aidan, the others in the band. "Can I help you?" I asked them and they turned away. I can't believe I was just that rude to one of my favourite bands. "Me and Harry are separate now, I did have a little romance with Niall but that then ended up with me and Scarlett falling out. I just was causing to much trouble so I'm leaving." I told him, his jaw dropped. "But Scarlett never even liked you." Michael told me. How did he know? She never said anything just ignored me. "How do you know?" I asked him. "She said in an interview." Michael answered me. That total bitch. I never said one thing about her in the interview I had. I could have, I got asked about her but I never said a thing. "In fact I was surprised you didn't say anything back in your interview." He stated. I swear this kid has some mind reading issues. "Well I never knew she said that."  I told him. "I'm so sorry!" He told me. I just shock it off. His friends, Dan and Aidan, walked over. "Hey Michael, you have to leave your friend now.." Dan winked at me, "..we aren't going to go to Manchester no more,  we are just going to go back home. Me and Aidan can't be I there'd to wait." They said. "I'm not leaving yet!" Michael wined. "Yes we are." Aidan said and tried to pull Michael to his feet. "I have my own car, I will drive my self back when I'm done here." Michael stated and stayed by my side. I decided to but in their conversation. "You guys can join in our conversation if you want." I told them. They immediately sat down next to me. "So why are you here, where are you going." Michael asked. "We have been through why I'm here and I'm actually going to Manchester I just don't no exactly where a outs there." I told them. I'm not going home, I can't, I won't. "Why don't you go home?" They all asked in unison. Creepy. "I can't, I practically have no home." I told them. They all gasped and group hugged me. I was there, it was exactly like the time when all Niall, Harry and Louis hugged me at once. Tear escaped my eyes and rolled fast down my cheeks. They looked up to my red eyes. "Come with us." They said to me and I shook my head. "I need to go back to Harry." I told them when Aidan noticed the bruise on my cheek. "What's this?" He asked. Oh great.  I had out in foundation to cover it up but my tears washed it away. "Nothing." I lied. "What happened?" Dan asked me. "Harry hit me." I whispered barely hearable. "Why did he do this." They all asked. "Because I was stopping him from hitting Niall, Harry gets at times and he can't control himself. It's really not his fault it's just that I got in the way." I told them. "You can't go beck to him after this." Michael told me. "Yeah stay with me." Dan added. "Or me." Aidan winked. "But I have to." I told them. They shook their heads. "Why would you have to?" Aidan asked. "Because I love him." I told them and they gasped yet again. "But he hit you." They gasped. "Michael, I'm sure your dog has bitten you once and it hurt, but that doesn't stop you loving her. She made a mistake and mistake can be forgiven. All I really needed to do was think it over and then forgive him, not end it with hi.m because he made a mistake. He's only human and he can't help that. I only just realised I love him but I suppose really, I always knew it's just I was to blinded by the shock of him hitting me I never thought about it. Thank you for making me realise. I'm glad I met you." I told them and gave them a hug. "How did you know I have a dog?" Michael asked. "Because I know who you are." I told him and stood up off the bench. "Will we see you again?" Aidan asked. "Yes." I smiled and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen from my pocket. I wrote down my number and handed it over to Aidan. Dan took it from his hands then Michael took it from Dan's. Once in Michael's hands Aidan took it back into his hands. "Thank you." They said in unison. I turned away and walked towards Harry's house where I was guessing he would be. I decided to actually go to the park since I hadn't been at the train station long they might of let Olly and Rosie play in the park for a couple hours. 

A/N: Hey guys just wanted to say if you have know idea who M.A.D is then I suggest you search them up, the band consists off Michael, Aidan and Dan. They have their own single, 'Toyboy.' It is one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard, but see for yourself. I was going to wait for feed back but I just couldn't wait to update this. I would just like to say a massive thank you to every who supported me through my last book, loads of people have read it and a massive thank you to the people who decided to read this one as we'll and who are supporting me through this one. So thank you to all. 

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